3-Barrels: University of Maryland Gambling Course; Guardian Poker Article, Borgata Roll Out The Rainbow Carpet

3-Barrels: University of Maryland Gambling Course; Guardian Poker Article, Borgata Roll Out The Rainbow Carpet

3-Barrels of pure value including the University of Maryland creating a gambling course, an anonymous poker player/journalist writing about his pain and anguish in The Guardian, and The Borgata gets ready to roll out the rainbow carpet.


I hated it.

I couldn’t wait to leave so I could get a crappy job, earn money, and spend it down the pub.

3-Barrels: University of Maryland Gambling Course; Guardian Poker Article, Borgata Roll Out The Rainbow CarpetThe only things I remember learning in school was Pythagoras Theorem, how to say, ‘I support Manchester United’ in Welsh and something about a Burning Bush and a dead kid.

Why wasn’t I taught about the moment you are about to have sex and realise there is no condom? Where was I when they were running the class on how to manage conflict in relationships? And I can’t remember the one about how to place your first bet.

University of Maryland professor, Stephen McDaniel, has that last problem licked. He is the man behind a course running at the University of Maryland called “Gambling in the New Millennium.” An exquisite idea when you consider gambling has been around since Captain Caveman threw some sheep knuckles against the wall to see who would get to rub private bits with a cavewoman called Edna.

The course covers every angle of the gambling framework including the history of gambling, the business of gambling, and the perils of gambling. You even get to watch great movies such as 21, The Gambler, and All-In: The Poker Movie.

McDaniel even pulls in guest speakers. More recently Tim Ritvo, the COO of the Stronach Group has spent some time lecturing on thoroughbred horse racing in Maryland and beyond its borders.

Maybe this next guy should hop on a jet plane and enrol?

Poker Player/Journalist Writes an Anonymous Piece on Gambling For The Guardian and it’s a Glum One.

A professional poker player and writer has written an opinion piece for The Guardian called The Secret Life of a Professional Poker Player: I’m on the Fringes of Society. After reading it, I was suddenly transporting back to that scene in The Bridges of Madison County when Clint is standing in the rain and Meryl just can’t pull the trigger.

It’s a tear jerker.

In what is a very honest and well-written piece the writer talks about being ‘hopelessly addicted to fruit machines’ when he was younger, but doesn’t consider poker a form of gambling. He then writes about a steady profit line that spreads back over a four-year period.

In a day where Dan Bilzerian has posted an Instagram photo showing him sitting down at a table with over $2m in chips. Reading about life in the much slower lane is interesting.

“My annual income is unspectacular and below the national average wage.” Writes the author.

The UK average salary is £26,500.

The writer believes that poker put him ‘on the fringes of society’, and playing in games that he was not properly bankrolled for led to a nasty drinking habit and a whole other host of problems including ‘suicidal thoughts’, ’tinnitus’, and ‘chronic insomnia.’

He also writes about a common problem that seems to rear its ugly head a lot these days:

“I can’t shake the guilt that I should be doing something more positive with my life.”

And that’s exactly how I am feeling right about now.

The Borgata Gets Ready to Roll Out the LGBTQ Rainbow Carpet

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) community are having a tough time of late, but one place that is welcoming them with open arms is the crew at The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

While the controversial and shameful H2 bill – nicknamed the ‘Bathroom Bill’ – is forcing those of transgender to use bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with the gender that’s on their birth certificates, The Borgata is preparing to celebrate Pride Month by hosting a series of music and entertainment shows in June.

Sister Funk will be belting out a series of cover hits on June 4, and America’s Drag Stars will also take the stage that night. The fabulous Wanda Sykes will have you in stitches June 10 & 11, and Glee star Jane Lynch rounds things off on June 25.

Tickets are available at Borgata.com and there will be no problems using the bathroom that suits your particular gender.