888Poker’s Sofia Lovgren talks about being more productive in 2016

Sofia Lovgren: Ambassador of 888Poker

In this interview, 888Poker’s Sofia Lovgren tells CalvinAyre.com’s Rebecca Liggero how she deals with the pressure of being an ambassador for an online poker site.

Sofia Lovgren is having the time of her life, but that’s not to say that the Swedish player has had her fair share of challenges.

When she signed for 888Poker back in April 2014, it raised a few eyebrows. Lovgren had been a team pro at PKR prior to her switch, and as such, didn’t get the live exposure that pros at some online poker sites like PokerStars have.

Still, Lovgren sailed through it all and continued to promote 888Poker to this day, gaining a lot of experience in the area.

“I’ve been playing for quite some time now and I’m used to dealing with people’s expectations,” Lovgren told CalvinAyre.com. “I’m expected to promote 888Poker as good as I can, continue to play more poker online as well as continue to travel around, play live poker so I don’t feel any big pressure. I really enjoy it. I like it.”

Speaking of travel, Lovgren was able to tick one item off her travel list last year when she finally visited Asia to play poker.

“It’s the first time I played poker in Asia, so I really looked forward to it,” she said.

Another item on her to-do list was the reality show with other poker players called Girls Got Game.

“We are eight girls competing in a cash game show, we’re called Girls Got Game,” Lovgren said. “We’re going to compete against each other in cash games and different mental and physical challenges and at the same time we will showcase the lifestyle of professional poker players and show the upsides and the downsides of playing poker.”

And as if things aren’t hectic enough, Lovgren said she also plans to be “more productive” and raise her social media profile this year.

“Our goal is to be more productive, more of everything like play more, write more articles and play more online cash games as well and try to exercise more and be more productive,” Lovgren said.