Sreeram Vanga discusses why affiliates must take advantage of gamification

Speeram Vanga on Advantage on Gamifaction

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Sreeram Vanga of Cozy Games explains how gamification can improve business for affiliates.

The world has moved into the mobile-first technology, with 80 percent of the traffic coming from the mobile sector. But how can affiliates take advantage of it?

The answer, according to Cozy Games’ Sreeram Vanga, is gamification.

“Gamification has been the absolute new trend in terms of regaining and acquiring customers. We’ve seen the runaway successes of virtual games such as Farmville, and that’s predominantly because of the game mechanics and the engagement mechanics that they use,” Vanga told “I think it’s time somebody comes up with a really nice gamification system for the gaming industry to regain and acquire their customers.”

Gamification involves applying the typical elements of game playing such as point scoring to online marketing to encourage customer engagement. Vanga said to succeed in gamification, affiliates must have the right technology to track all users.

“You need to be able to basically track every action of the user in terms of what they’re doing, when they come, what they like and then you come up with a very nice mechanism in which you actually start rewarding them for doing the positive actions, you know, in the sites—which is coming back, playing or making purchases or referring their friends—and then you marry that entire program nicely into one seamless gamification system,” he explained.

Data is also important, according to Vanga, especially during these times when affiliates need to be “very, very focused” when presenting offers to customers.

“Now you need to be very, very focused when you’re giving an offer to a customer. You need to be really sure that that’s the offer that’s relevant to the customer and it’s being sent at the right time, to the right person and at the right place,” Vanga said, “so being able to track this customers and then churn that volume of data to understand what is the right offer to be made is very, very important.”