TonyBet Poker Rake Changes Reward Losing Players

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TonyBet Poker continues to innovate with the news of a new rakeback program that benefits losing and marginally winning players instead of the usual approach to reward high volume grinders.

Tony G likes to remind us that without balls there is no glory. It’s an adage that hasn’t done the multi-millionaire, dog loving politician too much harm, and it’s nice to see the philosophy applied to his online poker room.

TonyBet Poker Rake Changes Reward Losing PlayersIn Dec 2013, Tony G handed poker players, what he called ‘the best Xmas gift’ when he launched TonyBet Poker to operate alongside his TonyBet brand.

“I have the biggest thing since the invention of online poker in my hands, and I want to share it with all of you!” Said G.

All brands need something that sets them apart from the rest – TonyBet Poker was no different. It launched as the only online poker room to be dedicated solely to Open Face Chinese (OFC).

In Nov 2015, the online poker room decided the time was right to change that model. They introduced No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) cash games. Not only that but they were rake free.

As you would expect, poker players looking to save a quick buck headed to the site. Speaking to site representative and longtime Tony G ally, Warren Lush, back in January, he told me:

“The introduction of rake free NLH and PLO cash games has already had a huge positive impact on our liquidity which obviously was the intention.”

So now they have them, how do they keep them?

Give The Rake to The Losing Players

In a nutshell, the headline covers it.

According to reports at Flushdraw and TonyBet Poker is rolling out a new rakeback system that moves away from rewarding high volume grinders and instead gives a little back to those who have done their bollocks trying to chase the glory.

To get involved, you need to head over to the TonyBet website and pick up a special deposit code, then enter it when making your next deposit. TonyBet rewards players with 25% rakeback paid into their account every Monday.

If you should lose €100 or more on any given day, TonyBet Poker will help ease your suffering by giving you an additional 55% rakeback, taking your meter up to 80% rakeback. Players who lose less that €100, or win less than €100, will receive an additional 25% rakeback taking their meter up to 50% rakeback.

“We’re here to bring value to the players, this is our main goal – to help the players earn more,” Lush told

TonyBet’s decision to improve the longevity of the casual player follows in the footsteps of rakeback changes at both PokerStars and 888Poker.


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