Aussie Millions Round Up: Pregnancy Debate Makes Headlines

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A round-up from the early stages of the Aussie Millions in Melbourne including an unusual ruling involving a woman who had to leave a tournament to give birth.

Aussie Millions Round Up: Pregnancy Debate Makes HeadlinesThe act of creation is carnage.

Anyone involved in the birth of a child understands that.

But the birth pales into insignificance to the trials and tribulations that ensue.

It’s a question of, ‘now what?’

The most terrifying question of all.

I didn’t have an answer.

Katrina Sheary and her husband did.

She sent her man to play in the Aussie Millions.

It’s often said that you need to be a poker player to understand a poker player. This theory has never been better demonstrated than what happened to Sheary in Event #1: $1,150 No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE).

Some would think that’s tough titties.

Not the Aussie Millions.

According to a story picked up at, Sheary gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and her husband kindly offered to take her place in the tournament. Now most wive’s responses would contain a few expletives. Not Katrina. She told her husband to get to work, and he subsequently finished 25th for a $6,495 cash – more than enough to keep baby Sheary in nappies for the next year.


How was Daddy Sheary allows to replace Mommy Sheary?

Kevin Mathers pointed out the reason on Twitter.

“At the discretion of the Tournament Director, a Tournament entrant may transfer his/her entry to another person, provided that person is entitled to enter the Tournament in accordance with clause 2.2 and he/she has not already entered the tournament.”

The Early Winners

The Sheary’s aren’t the only winners in the early stages of the Aussie Millions.

Kevin Blackwood defeated 1,320 players to capture the first prize of $275,300 in Event #1: $1,150 NLHE; Louis Salter taking third. James Obst won Event #2: $2,500 H.O.R.S.E after beating a field of 39 entrants; Mel Judah took fourth.

Finally, the UK’s leading tournament grinder, Stephen Chidwick, won Event #7: $2,500 8-Game Mixed. Chidwick defeated 64 entrants to win $32,804; Richard Ashby finished fifth.



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