YouPorn eSports Team Member Banned From Wearing Team Colours

YouPorn eSports Team Member Banned From Wearing Team Colours

YouPorn eSports outfit Team YP’s Street Fighter IV player Valentin “YP_Valmaster” Petit was prohibited from wearing his team colours at the recent Capcom Cup by the tournament’s sponsors.

YouPorn eSports Team Member Banned From Wearing Team ColoursBeing a father isn’t easy.

You have to wipe away the tears when you tell them that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, that the Easter Bunny doesn’t shit chocolate eggs, and the Tooth Fairy has gone on strike.

The answer to all the tough questions was always, ‘Ask your mother.’ But when it came to porn, I felt compelled to be a man about it. You see, at the age of 40 I am porn free, and I’m not talking about adopting lions.

I was 10-years old. I found a magazine under my Dad’s mattress. My mate told me I would find boobies there. And I did. They were from Hull. She was in her 50s. They looked like bagpipes. I was hooked.

Porn was not a good thing for me. When you add it to a few barrels of ale, boredom and years of sexist attitude hollowed out by decades of societal conditioning the net results are a man who doesn’t pay much attention to the other half of that wriggle around the bed.

I don’t tell my son not to watch it. I am a realist. It’s everywhere. I can’t control it. But I do have conversations with him about the power that it holds. I didn’t have much when I was a kid. There were four of us. My parents didn’t earn much. But I had my orgasms. I didn’t have to pay for them.

Sex is powerful stuff for adults, let alone teenagers and children. So when I learned that Capcom had refused to allow Street Fighter IV player Valentin “YP_Valmaster” Petit to compete in the Capcom Cup event in San Fransisco this weekend, in his team colours I was happy. Petit represents Team YP, and the YP stands for YouPorn.

The online porn site decided to get into the eSports industry last year. They sent some feelers out on Twitter, and a few randy eSports enthusiasts responded. Spanish team Pay2Win were the lucky ones. They changed their name to Team YP. The shirts don’t contain the words ‘You’ or ‘Porn’ and there are no images of Jenny Jizz, Samantha Saint or Bonnie Rotten.

But that’s not the point is it?

Check out the games that Team YP players play.

Super Smash Bros, Ultra Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat to name a few. What age bracket do you think about when you talk about those games? My son was playing Super Smash Bros when he was 8-years old.

Speaking in an interview with Fortune, Brad Burns Vice President of YourPorn, told them that a large number of their audience enters their site via their consoles. 51% through PlayStation, 39% through XBox and 10% from Wii. 91.5% of these gamers are male, and 77% aged between 18-34.

One doubts anyone aged below 18 will be picked up in that mix.

In that same interview, Burns said they never promote the YouPorn brand or any form of porn to their Team YP fans. Does that mean that Team KKK and Team Crazy Jihadists are allowed to play as long as they don’t promote their primary business? (Editor’s Note – This line of hyperbole does not reflect the views of, we enjoy youporn an appreciate the service they provide) 

And who is Burns kidding.

Even by covering this story I am promoting his brand.

Shame on you.

Shame on me.

Petit is ranked amongst the top 20 players in the world in his niche. He is said to have been disappointed not to be allowed to wear the team’s jersey. The winner of the event was Kazunoko. He earned $120,000 after beating MCZ|Daigo “The Beast” Umehara in the final.

What next?

Global Poker League franchises sponsored by xHamster?