How Sexist is The Poker World? VAMN-TV Are Set to Find Out

How Sexist is The Poker World? VAMN-TV Are Set to Find Out

VAMN-TV is about to find out what life is like for female professional poker players working in a male dominated environment with the launch of a reality TV show.

How Sexist is The Poker World? VAMN-TV Are Set to Find OutHer hair was like Rapunzel. It fell to the top of skin tight shorts acting like a devotional scapular. From there two perfectly formed pins seemed to go on for miles. Heels were sharpening the calf, creating a taut muscle line back to the no-go zone that creates such a fetish feel.

I snapped this Polaroid-like memory as I stood amongst a crowd of 5-10 men. Each was pretending to be interested in the roulette wheel. Rapunzel would bend over to spin that silver ball, and the crowd would bow as if honouring the queen.

Everyone was dizzy.

Everyone except her.

What does it feel to be eaten alive by the eyeballs of men, and to be allowed only one reaction – to smile. How can we as men ever empathise? Not even Patrik Antonius gets this treatment. It’s unique. Men will never understand.

Things are getting better.

Social media offers a way of terminating the loneliness. It’s easier to find a voice that matches your own. You are not alone. You are not the only one wondering if the way you feel is abnormal. You are not the only one searching for the holy grail of meritocracy.

Facebook, Twitter, et al. also helps cavemen like me. We don’t understand what it feels like to be gazed at like a piece of meat, but awareness creates thought, which in turn demands action.

I still stare.

I still act like an animal on the savannah.

But I am getting better.

I won’t be alone.

VAMN-TV is about to raise awareness to the constellations. The TV station founded by Dominique N. Thieu as a way to bridge the gap between Hollywood and the Vietnamese American communities is reaching into the poker industry to give you a rare insight into what it’s like to be ogled.

Their latest project is called Girl Got Game and the shows Producer Katrina Lim is hoping to show that the female of the species works equally as hard as the men to turn a buck in this tough business. “Female empowerment at its best.” Says Lim. The reality TV show will follow Sofia Lovgren, Danielle Andersen, Sabina Hiatullah, Lilou Agostini, Oanh Bui, Xuan Liu, Joanna Kwak and Kitty Kuo as they each take a $10,000 bankroll and spin it up in the likes of Macau and Las Vegas.

The episodes will air in April 2016, with a second season already in the pipeline. The two ladies with the highest bankroll and a third player voted for by the general public alas Big Brother style will star in that second season. The winner of Season 1 will win a $10,000 buy-in into the 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Who do you think will be that winner?

Which of these amazing women do you think has the most game?