Sofia Lovgren: Her Early Days With 888Poker

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Sofia Lovgren: Her Early Days With 888Poker Audio


Sofia Lovgren: Her Early Days With 888PokerLee Davy sits down with Sweden’s Sofia Lovgren to talk about her early days with 888Poker, her relationship with the Italian poker pro Luca Moschitta and much more.

When Sofia Lovgren signed for 888Poker, back in April, it raised a few eyebrows. Prior to her switch she had been a team pro at PKR, and as such didn’t get the live exposure that pros do at say PokerStars for example.

When she announced through social media that she had signed a new deal and “would reveal more details at a later date,” many people in the industry believed that a switch to PokerStars was in the offing. In the end it turned out to be 888Poker.

So how did the switch come about?

“I was with PKR for four amazing years and I had a great time. After four years, it was time for a change. I needed to take the next step and 888Poker are a great company and are just right for me.

“I can’t reveal any details regarding my move but I can tell you that after 888Poker spoke to me, I agreed to the deal very quickly. I love it with them and it feels amazing. It’s perfect for me.”

Lovgren travels the poker world with her boyfriend Luca Moschitta. The pair are the proverbial Posh & Becks of the poker world and even found themselves seated next to each other during Day 2.

Do poker couples get the right balance of work, rest and play?

“We both love poker and both live for the game. We also find time to do other things outside of poker. We travel everywhere and do a lot of sports.”

From PKR to 888, how had things changed for Lovgren?

“I have seen new locations and played some different tournaments. I have also played 888Live and play a lot online at 888Poker, where there are a lot of great tournaments and some soft cash games.”

She is part of an interesting and exciting mix of team pros. I ask her about some of them.

“Cricket is not so famous in Sweden but I still knew how famous Shane Warne was. He’s really nice. Also Xuan {Liu} is a gorgeous girl who is very nice. I had met her a few times before I joined 888 but I have met her a lot since and she is very nice and a great player.”

What does the future holds for Lovgren or at her cherubic age, does she not worry about such trivial things?

“At the moment, I see everything short term. I want to continue to play a lot of poker, travel the world and write in my blog and for magazines.”

A fellow scribe…are we ever going to see a book from Lovgren?

“Yeah…I think it’s very possible.”


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