Dan Bilzerian is Writing a Book (And He Doesn’t Have Chlamydia)

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Dan Bilzerian is suing the website for defamation after an article suggesting that a woman he had slept with had given him chlamydia. He is also writing a book.

Dan Bilzerian is writing a book.

I wonder if there will be a chapter on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

“Heresy!” I hear you cry.

Dan Bilzerian is Writing a Book (And He Doesn’t Have Chlamydia)Don’t let the impetuousness of his Instagram shots create the wrong impression. Dan Bilzerian, the next President of the United States, is clean as a whistle.

When I look at Bilzerian, he always looks like the rat that has tippy-toed up to the trap and taken the cheese. But, this week, something has been wrong with the man mountain. He hasn’t been himself. At first I thought it might be a reaction to his slide out of the Top 10 Ranking Hero HeroScore charts, and then I read in TMZ that a mystery woman claims to have caught chlamydia from him.

For those of you unfamiliar with the STD let me explain:

Chlamydia is a very small parasitic bacterium that can be transmitted during vaginal, anal and oral sex. It can cause a white discharge from the penis (not to be confused with come), and is one of the most common STDs in the world. It is estimated that over a million people in the U.S. have chlamydia, and Dan Bilzerian is not one of them.

Bilzerian filed a defamation suit against the website’s owner Nik Richie after a female said, “I ended up getting super drunk and sleeping with Dan. I got tested two weeks later and lucky me I found out he gave me chlamydia.”

It seems the pair (Bilzerian and Richie) have exchanges a few social media blows in the past. In February, whilst celebrating his birthday at Surrender Nightclub, Richie was handed a birthday cake with a picture of Bilzerian as icing, and he donned a pair of boxing gloves and dove into the billowing beard like a psychic trying to reach another world. There is a definite no-mans land in between the pair. I can’t help feeling that Bilzerian’s cross hairs are all over that shit.

With the legal crap out of the way Bilzerian is getting on with life. The 11.5m followers who drink him in are happy with that. This week he posted a photo stating that he was going to write a book, and was busy lasering hairs from his balls. Incidentally, that has nothing to do with chlamydia, because Dan Bilzerian doesn’t have it.


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