Angela Rich Becomes the First Woman to Win a MSPT Main Event

Angela Rich Becomes the First Woman to Win a MSPT Main Event

Angela Rich Becomes the First Woman to Win a MSPT Main Event
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Angela Rich has become the first woman to win a Mid States Poker Tour (MSPT) Main Event, after ending the event with the most chips, after the final four players decided to chop up the remaining prize money.

This is my last rant about the Venetian. I am done talking about it, because it’s quite obvious that the poker community doesn’t give a shit.

25-year old Angelina Rich decided to take a trip around America in a camper van. One of her stops was Las Vegas, when she decided to play in the $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em Mid States Poker Tour (MSPT) Main Event.

Rich didn’t care that the event was held at the Venetian – the home of Sheldon Adelson – the man hell bent on destroying online poker. 1,963 other players didn’t care either. Amongst that heady mix were amateurs that wouldn’t know Adelson even owned the joint, professionals that do, and even members of the poker media past and present.

Like I said, I’ve done whining about this bitch fest.

There is no way of beating greed.

I give up.

Back to the poker, and Rich not only became the first female to win a MSPT Main Event, but the $1,964,000 collected by the tour operator, made the event the largest in their short history.

When the final table was set, Rich was pitting her wits against two of the greatest players in the business. Former United Kingdom & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) winner Sergio Aido is one of the strongest players in Europe, and Keven Stammen has two legs of a Triple Crown in his bag.

The event would end like a limp dick after an ICM deal was struck after the Brazilian Cantidio Villar busted in fifth. You can see the prize breakdown below. Rich picked up the title, only because she had more chips than anyone else.

It’s only the second time that Rich has cashed in 2015. Both cashes have been victories. At the turn of the year she defeated 243 players to win the A$1,650 No-Limit Hold’em Bounty event at the Aussie Millions for $27,224. Her $215,815 Venetian score dwarfs that.

Stammen wasted little time moving on. He packed up his things, headed over to the Rio, and is currently 5/12 in Event #19: $3,000 Limit Hold’em 6-Handed. There is $230,799 up top in that one, plus the opportunity for Stammen to win his second sliver of gold. I wouldn’t put it past the man.

Martin Finger (12th), Seth Berger (18th), Andrew Badecker (36th), Matt Salsberg (70th) and Jake Cody (71st) also ran deep in the MSPT event.

Final Table Results

1st. Angela Rich – $215,815

2nd. Keven Stammen – $199,635

3rd. David Mowery – $167,417

4th. David Lee – $160,407

5th. Cantidio Villar – $81,168

6th. Sergio Aido – $63,775

7th. Josh Palmer – $48,314

8th. Austin Apicella – $38,652

9th. RJ Sullivan – $30,921