UKIPT Nottingham Six Max: Sergio Aido Eyes Title Number Two

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UKIPT Nottingham Six Max has reached its final table at Dusk till Dawn (DTD) and all eyes are on the Spaniard Sergio Aido in his bid to become a two-time UKIPT champion.

The main event of the United Kingdom & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) Nottingham Six-Max has reached its final table after the penultimate day’s action saw the field boil down from 31 players to just six at Dusk till Dawn (DTD).

Sergio Aido (Day 2)

When the final table action starts the chip leader will be David Clifton-Burraway who is the only remaining player with a chip stack that exceeds 2 million. Tony Salmon is just behind Clifton-Burraway in second, but it’s the names of Ben Vinson and Sergio Aido who are hogging the headlines of the poker news outlets as they bid to win the top prize of £100,000.

Nine eliminations past by in the blink of an eye before the tournament hotted up with the surprise elimination of the front-runner John Eames. The IveyPoker pro clashed heavily with Sergio Aido in a hand that left the Spaniard with the chip lead.

Eames opened to 16,000 on the button; Aido three-bet to 44,000 from the small blind and Eames called. The flop was [Kc] [9c] [4c], Aido bet 57,000, Eames raised to 122,000, Aido moved all-in and Eames called for around 400,000.

It was [Ac] [Ts] for Eames – searching for the club – and pocket fours for Aido who was in the lead with bottom set. The [Td] and [8h] handing Aido the chip lead, and he was on course for a double UKIPT title to add to the one he won in London last season.

The second big surprise of the day was the elimination of Chris Brammer in eighth place. The starting day chip leader falling foul of a not so quick one-two by Clifton Burraway.

There were three players involved on a flop of [Kd] [Jh] [7h]. Tony Salmon checked out of the small blind, Chris Brammer checked the big blind; David Clifton-Burraway bet 80,000 on the button and both players called.

The turn was the [8s], Salmon checked, Brammer bet 150,000 and both players called. The final card was the [7d] and the action checked through to Clifton-Burraway who bet 500,000, Salmon folded but Brammer went deep into thought mode. After around four minutes had passed Brammer made the call and Clifton-Burraway took the pot with [Ks] [7c].

Then as so often happens Clifton-Burraway finished off the job several hands later when he called a 400,000 shove holding pocket fours and they held against Brammer’s [Td] [9d] to send him home with the scant consolation of £10,700.

Richard Lawlor would finish as the final table bubble boy in a hand against Ben Vinson: 88<AQ with an ace hitting the turn to keep Vinson on course for his first major live tournament victory.

Final Table Standings

1. Tim Hong Wong – 447,000

2. Sergio Aido Espina – 1,342,000

3. Ben Vinson – 1,648,000

4. David Clifton-Burraway – 2,200,000

5. Tony Salmon — 1,996,000

6. Ben Mayhew – 1,451,000

The final table begins at 14:00 (UK Time)

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