Tim Farthing on how to make affiliate content more effective

Interview with Tim Farthing of People Like You Publishing

Rebecca Liggero talks to People Like You Publishing founder Tim Farthing as he shares tips on how affiliates can make their content more effective.


Tim Farthing, an industry veteran and expert on affiliate content and publishing, started his tips on how to make affiliate content more effective is to determine to whom you are producing your content for, whether you want to reactivate with the lapse customer or acquire new customers or engage existing customers.

Farthing also said that if you have a big enough budget video content is the most effective. If your budget is on the smaller side, social media is the way to go…and its free.

Farthing’s top tip for affiliates on making their content more effective is to sit back and think if you would actually enjoy consuming the content you’re pumping out- start with this as your gauge.

“Imagine producing content fr yourself and ask yourself, ‘What would I want to read or consume in this certain position. Let’s say, you’re sitting in a train on the way to work and you’re a little bit bored. What would i be interested in now s if you can produce that content, you’re gonna succeed,” said Farthing.


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