Endless love (for bingo) – Peter Andre and Wink Bingo join force to fight cancer

Endless love (for bingo) - Peter Andre and Wink Bingo join force to fight cancer

This is a guest contribution by Wink Bingo & Winkly Magazine’s Marketing Manager Eitan Gorodetsky. If you would like to submit a contribution please contact Bill Beatty for submission details. Thank you.


The Peter Andre Fund and Wink Bingo are embarking on a partnership set to benefit both brands, and to support the vital work of Cancer Research UK. Much has been made of the recent announcement that for the first time in history half of people diagnosed with cancer will survive the disease – television adverts have been legion, and not many days go by without some form of mention in the national press.

Endless love (for bingo) - Peter Andre and Wink Bingo join force to fight cancerThe resultant public reaction has been an increased appetite for activism and awareness which benefits cancer charities. The challenge facing Wink Bingo is to take this passion and use it to engage new and existing players in a fun, charitable process which benefits all parties.

To do this Wink Bingo has secured a partnership with the Peter Andre fund, a charitable organisation with close ties to the famous Australian singer, reality television star and businessman. The relationship is an incredibly natural one, as Peter exemplifies the unique brand perception of Wink Bingo. He’s seen as a cheeky, positive individual, always ready for a good time but serious about the things that matter.

What’s more, Wink Bingo and Peter share a deep appreciation for the devastating effects cancer can have on families. Wink Bingo knows from its members that almost everyone has had their lives touched by this terrible disease. The first of its kind, this campaign is also incredibly close to Peter’s heart after the tragic loss of his brother to cancer in 2012. The aim is to improve lives through an upbeat, fun campaign that affects real change. Hopefully the combined commitment of Wink Bingo and Peter will set an example for other market leaders.

So what form will this campaign take? Wink Bingo have pledged to launch promotions with a donation aspect, and to provide a £50,000 minimum donation over a period of six months. Delivering on this pledge will involve a number of great games and offers, but there are three central games which are intended to bring in the largest section of the donation.

These games will adhere to the concept ‘Hearts of Gold’, a striking image which will also form the backbone of Peter’s advertising efforts. The first of these games, open every day from 4-7pm and 9pm-12am, will have a differing low-level payout, with tickets costing 10p and 10% of total entry earnings going to cancer awareness and prevention schemes. The second, available on Fridays at 10pm, will have a grand prize of £1000, with play available for 20p with a 20% donation. The final game will be for £5000, taking place on the last Wednesday of each month at 9pm, and cost 30p to enter with a 30% donation.

Players should look out for Wink Bingo specific content from Peter, who will be raising awareness through the #peterheartswink Twitter hashtag, other social media engagement, interviews with the press, and meetings with lucky Wink Bingo players.

The money raised will go to support many exciting anti-cancer initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Cancer Awareness Roadshow. The Roadshow, which involves trained nurses travelling the country to offer information on cancer prevention and early screening, consists of four mobile units based in London, North West Glasgow and the North-East of England. Members of the public are welcome aboard, and can keep track of when the vans will be in their area by keeping up with Peter on social media.

Macmillan Cancer Support report that one in three people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime, and so Wink Bingo know that it’s not just a case of supporting loved ones who are affected by the disease, but a race to provide the best health and welfare for their players in the future. It’s for that reason that they’re so dedicated to working with the Peter Andre Fund to turn good fun into real change, and why they have total confidence that their players will be eager to come along for the ride.