Boeree on Being Prime Minister; Somerville the Brand Ambassador and Jacob on Jeopardy

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Three poker stars doing their utmost to spread their love on a global scale as Liv Boeree appears in the Independent, Jason Somerville appears in Next Impulse Sports, and Alex Jacobs appears on Jeopardy.

It’s been a good week for Alex Dreyfus.

Boeree on Being Prime Minister; Somerville the Brand Ambassador and Jacob on JeopardyThe busiest man in poker has been able to put his feet up whilst the players take their turn to spread the love of our beautiful game all over the world.

Three mainstream appearances to talk about, and we will start with the duo from PokerStars: Liv Boeree and Jason Somerville.

It’s been a 12-months of change for Boeree. Climbing to the top of any food chain is tough. To do so requires an iron clad determination to succeed, a win at any costs mentality, and laser like focus. All traits that Boeree has in buckets.

She wanted to be a star.

She now burns as brightly as any we have in our little bubble.

So what next?

Philanthropy, thinking about the needs of others, and a desire to use her success to improve the lives of those less fortunate than her.

She will be a success at that too.

Boeree recently popped up in The Independent, where she was selected as one of 100 people who were asked to answer the question: “If I were the Prime Minister…”

“I believe that the ability to think rationally is one of the human species’ greatest attributes, a tool that could and should enable us to survive and flourish in a way that is sustainable for as many lives as possible.” Wrote Boeree before continuing, “So, if I were Prime Minister, I would make classes in rational decision-making a compulsory part of the national curriculum.”

It was a great piece, largely based on her work with Raising for Effective Giving (REG), and she even gets a gold star for managing to get the word ‘Rational’ into the headline of the article.

Jason Somerville: the Brand Ambassador

Jason Somerville played second fiddle to his mentor Daniel Negreanu at the American Poker Awards (APA), but how long before the young padawan puts his foot down and overtakes the kid?

The creators of Next Impulse Sports think he is already in front.

The website has just ran an article entitled: Brand Ambassadors: Don’t We All Love a Celeb?! where the author has selected some of the world’s most influential sports stars that they believe are also worldwide celebrities.

The article is strewn with stars of past and present that include Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, and Jason Somerville.

Jason fucking Somerville!

Alex Dreyfus will be so proud of the man.

If this isn’t sportifying poker then I don’t know what is.

Just look at that line up again.

The Twitch star is absolutely killing it.

Keep up the good work.

Jeopardy Star Jacob

One of the great things about using poker players to push our game to a wider audience is there are so many of them.

Take Alex Jacob as an example.

The man has over $2.6m in live tournament earnings, including a victory at the now defunct United States Poker Championship for $878,500, a runner-up spot in a World Poker Tour (WPT) Main Event for $655,507, and a third place spot in a 2007 World Series of Poker (WSOP) event for $282,367.

The man’s no slouch, and yet I had never heard of him…until now.

Jacob is the biggest poker star on the planet right now thanks to a heater of an appearance on the long-running TV show Jeopardy! At the time of writing Jacob is currently on a four-win streak.

It’s just a shame that everyone connected with the show thinks he is a currency trader from Chicago.

Come on Jacob.

“What is…Sportify Poker!”


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