On Deck: Jordan Spieth is the truth

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Jordan SpiethOn Deck: Jordan Spieth is the truth may not yet be the household name that Tiger Woods is, but Spieth’s incredible performance at the 2015 Masters will go a long way in building that legend. The 21-year old completely ran roughshod over Augusta, finishing the four-round tournament with a score of 18-under par.

I’m not an avid fan of golf, but I know well enough from watching Woods during his heyday what a tornado on a golf course looks like. Spieth was that tornado at Augusta, turning the world’s most prestigious golf major into a personal showcase of skill and talent. At times, Spieth even made it look easy, flashing that unmistakable eye of dominance I used to see from Tiger. Spieth really put on a show, displaying the kind of world-class golf game average Joes like us can only dream of having. It may have come at the expense of robbing us of what could’ve been an exciting finish to the tournament, but you still have to respect and appreciate greatness when you see it.

Jordan Spieth showed us greatness at the Masters and it was special.

Not everybody is happy that Spieth dominated the Masters. Sure, they’re happy for him that he won the Green Jacket and infused life and buzz into the sport of golf, but sportsbooks knew that Spieth winning the Masters was their worst-case scenario. With Spieth’s record-breaking first round, a lot of sportsbooks were left scrambling trying to recoup whatever losses – it’s likely to be huge – they stand to get hit with after initially offering Spieth at 10/1 odds to win the Masters.

Those who bet on the new world number two – there were plenty – didn’t have a whole lot to be concerned once Thursday’s round concluded. That was the extent of Jordan Spieth’s all-around shellacking of Augusta.

And as cautionary tales go, sportsbooks are likely to take this beating as a sign that the Jordan Spieth is the real deal. He may never reach the same iconic level that Woods once did, but for one weekend of golf at the world’s most prestigious major, Spieth was every bit as good as Woods once was.

This may be a case of hindsight being 20/20, but a “Spieth vs The Field” prop might’ve been a better offer.




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