Terry Trebilcock on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and King of the Cage

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Rebecca Liggero talks to Terry Trebilcock, founder and owner of King of the Cage,  on how he started in MMA and how he got involved in gambling industry.

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Terry Trebilcock got involved and started managing athletic clubs, and training alongside fighters and body builders in 1997. He saw a future that one day would take MMA into the mainstream.

In 1998, Trebilcock launched King of the Cage. The first KOTC event was held on a tennis court. Terry built an organization that would prove to be a leader in the fastest growing sport in the world.

“What was uniques is a lot of the shows are just performed in major arenas, nothing was really performed in the casinos. And that’s always been kind of our specialty. We’ve been able to walk into the casino and brink anywhere from 1500 to 6000 to 7000 people into the casino and it’s a fight crowd; it’s a gambling crowd. They want to come out and spend money and gamble. So it’s been very successful for the casino: they already have the venue, they already have the sounds and lightnings, they have the marketing machine. We come in with the turn key organization,” said Trebilcock, when asked how he got involved in gambling industry.

Terry’s ability to find and develop talent has been unsurpassed as KOTC has profitably produced over 500 MMA events and has developed the largest MMA video library in the world. The library consists of over 1,000 hours of programming (3-0, HD and SD). Terry has been a leader in elevating the sport of MMA into the worldwide phenomenon showcasing world-class athletes.

Next Gaming launched King of the Cage, the first known slot-theme game based on the globally popular MMA sport, in 2014.

Watch the video to hear more from Terry Trebilcock.


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