Innovation in iGaming Profiles: NU Entertainment

Innovation in iGaming Profiles: NU Entertainment

In 2007 James Findlay and his partner Carolyn Hammond conceived the NU card and gaming system.  Several years later the pair formed Lucky Games Australia to focus on the development of NU and Findlay took up a position as the Co-Founding Director. Since then, according to Findlay, Lucky Games has built a collection of new game content and an IP portfolio, all with granted patents, registered trademarks, domains and branded merchandise.

Innovation in iGaming Profiles: NU Entertainment Findlay has a passion for math and design and his professional background is in the building industry and property development.  He’s an inventor and an entrepreneur at heart and his experience in several different fields eventually led him to developing an entirely new system of games for the gambling industry.

I had the pleasure of meeting Findlay at ICE Totally Gaming 2015 and he gave me my own pack of NU cards so I could test out the system myself.  More recently I had the opportunity to follow up with Findlay on his proprietary games and learn why iGaming operators would be interested in licensing his product.

Becky Liggero: James, it’s lovely to have you for our innovator series.  Can you describe the complex process of developing NU Entertainment? I know you have a number of patents as well.

James Findlay: Patent applications are extensive and at times exhaustive, that said, by receiving granted patents is evidence that your invention is truly novel and innovative.  NU is a gaming apparatus with granted patents in the U.S, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Japan and pending in 42 other jurisdictions including UK/Europe, China and Macau.  The most innovative and disruptive card deck in 800 years; It’s akin to patenting the modern, metric expandable version of the 52.

We are now positioned to offer our proprietary exclusive NU Game content to leading social and cash game developers and operators. Licensing allows expert gaming companies, to exclusively exploit the NU IP while having a legal monopoly.

BL: That certainly is a lot of patents.  How is NU Poker different than traditional poker and why would a player choose NU over traditional?

JF: NU Poker is mathematically proven to produce better and more consistent hands. e.g: Players can get 5 of a Kind with 50 cards. NU Poker is more strategic than traditional poker. Players can create hands that are simply unavailable with the old deck. As the rate of strong hands are increased, there is also a tendency for bigger pots.

Traditional poker players will always be there, we are offering an alternate in the crowed poker market for instance there are over 650 Online Poker sites all offering traditional poker games.

What would happen if there was only 1 exclusive site offering NU Poker?

How many new players would come and have look, play and pay?

Developers/Operators can contact me to access the private NU Poker site and test drive the game.

BL: What other games does NU currently offer?

JF: To date there’s a library of 50+ NU Games; Strategic, Sports, Casino, Table, Bingo, Lottery, Slot, Keno, Poker & more. NU Game mechanics and concepts expand on traditional game play, offering players’ new ways to think, play, bet and WIN!

Play the following demo NU Games @

NU ODD & EVEN- Fast and easy table game of chance

NU LUCKY NUMBER- Bigger hold and pay outs than roulette

NU LUCK- Card shedding game with betting elements

Depending upon the NU Game, there are variable house edges, giving operators even more flexibility in their offerings to suit respective clients.  Are you a developer looking for niche table games? We have them.

BL: I first head of NU through GamCrowd’s Pitch ICE promotion in January. What value did you get from participating in Pitch ICE?

JF: Pitch ICE gave us the opportunity to showcase NU Entertainment to the gaming industry.  We were able to get in front of and personally meet with the some of the biggest game companies in their respective fields and industries.  It has opened new opportunities and communication with key gaming experts.

BL: That’s great news- I’ve heard similar feedback from other start-ups who participated.  What advice do you have for entrepreneurs out there who want to create something new in gaming like you have?

JF: Be resilient, take out emotions but stay passionate, think both logically and laterally, look at ideas, concepts and challenges from all directions.

It should be a concept that is scalable and sustainable. By offering a patented point of difference, in a saturated games market will also give you a distinct advantage.

BL: That’s great advice James and thank you for joining me today.  Best of luck with NU.