FansUnite Launches New Analytics Platform for Sports Betting

FansUnite Launches New Analytics Platform for Sports Betting

Increase your returns by leveraging our site to crowd source handicappers’ picks.

Vancouver, February 5, 2015: Darius Eghdami, CEO of FansUnite, has been bringing more transparency to the field of sports handicapping for the past 4 years. FansUnite continues to push out new features that enable users to FansUnite Launches New Analytics Platform for Sports Bettingimprove their returns by following top betting pro’s and analyzing their own betting patterns and results. FansUnite rolls out their much-anticipated PickTracker software today. This feature will enable users to analyze their betting history by allowing the user to view historical data and break down their past picks by sport, league, or bet-type and helping the user to look critically at their own betting patterns.

The idea behind FansUnite was originally conceptualized when Darius was a casual sports handicapper. He realized that in an industry where sports betting enthusiasts were often willing to invest in costly monthly subscriptions to follow a handicapper’s picks, it was relatively easy for these “professionals” to hide their comprehensive records because they would only selectively show their winning results to reflect their success. This slanted portrayal of “success” obviously put potential subscribers at a huge disadvantage when choosing whom to follow, as there is little transparency and resulted as the impetus behind FansUnite.

Unlike traditional handicapping sites that offer insight into the general consensus of picks, the FansUnite platform is based on the notion that bettors no longer need to blindly follow “pros” because they can further research the historical data of the handicappers they follow in order to gain greater access and insight based on real analytics.

FansUnite continues to evolve and produce more tools to improve the handicapping model to provide their user base more and more information. Every pick on the site goes through their proprietary algorithm to determine whether the pick is a “Pro Pick” based on factors such as the success and history on that sport and the teams involved. The FansUnite platform is attracting “pros” and their top handicappers are proving to be 10% more successful than the industry average. As an example, if you had bet $100 on every FansUnite NBA Pro Pick in January 2015, the profit would have been over $19,000.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, FansUnite specializes in crowd sourcing of handicappers’ picks to earn you more money. With a social aspect behind making your picks, the tight-knit FansUnite community is in it to “beat the books” together.

About Darius Eghdami

Darius is a Chartered Accountant and paused his career to pursue a passion in the sports handicapping world. As an avid sports bettor, he wanted to build a platform to level the playing field and bring some transparency to the industry.

The Industry

Is everyone getting involved in betting and fantasy? It sure seems like it. Just this past weekend, according to an estimate done by the American Gaming Association, Americans were expected to wager $3.8 billion worth of illegal bets on the 2015 Super Bowl alone.

Comparing these figures to an estimated $1 billion being wagered on the English Premier League each week, and Interpol estimating that the unregulated Asian betting market is worth over $500 billion alone per year, the betting industry is continuing to sky rocket.

In the Premier League, four of the 20 teams are sponsored directly by sports books:

  • Aston Villa – 2 year contract with Dafabet for $16.5 million;
  • Burnley – 2 year contract with Fun 88 (Asian gambling house) for $3.3 million;
  • Hull City – 1 year contract with 12 Bet for $2.6 million;
  • Stoke City – will receive $5.5 million from Bet 365.
  • Crystal Palace will receive $1.5 million from Neteller, an online gambling payment processor.

With the recent noise coming from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, and Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, along with our own research, we are confident that there is going to be a massive shift in the American sports betting market. Adam Silver stated that Congress should legalize sports betting and instituted a regulation scheme. Silver cited estimates that nearly $400 billion is illegally wagered on sports each year. We strongly believe FansUnite is perfectly situated to take advantage of this shift.