Steve McLoughlin on Affiliate Marketing in America

Interview with Steve McLoughlin on Affiliate Marketing

Rebecca Liggero talks to Steve McLoughlin of Max Value Software LLC and he discussed about affiliate marketing in regulated American market.


New Jersey’s regulated iGaming market went live in November, 2013. Aside from Garden state, there are other opportunities for affiliates in the US regulated market such online wagering on horse-races, daily fantasy sports and social casino gaming, which are the new frontier for operators and affiliates.

Steve Mcloughlin talks about the opportunities available for the affiliates right now in the US regulated market  and the strategies that they can do in preparation for other markets that are opening.

“Obviously New Jersey is available today to get up and running but there’s other market as well. Everything from daily fantasy sports, which is exploding right now and we also have have businesses that’s been around for years for exmple horse racing. Plus we also have what we do. So we are middle-market provider between the poker player and the network to help keep them [players] stay active and engage and playing as long as possible. So you can work as an affiliate to help promote our software as well,” said Steve Mcloughlin

“Get people as involve as possible within the US market early. Establish your foothold now. State by state. Grow as each state opens up,” he added.