Interview with Alex Moss on Increasing Site Traffic

Interview with Alex Moss on Increasing Site Traffic

Rebecca Liggero talks to Alex Moss of FireCask and he gave some tips on how affiliates can get more traffic to their sites.

How to increase traffic coming to an affiliate website using content-driven data and socially-driven data

For content-driven data, be creative! Instead of using lots of words, use headings. Make sure that people of scheme reading can see at least the gist of the content that they are using.

Use social structured data so if you are sharing information and data on Facebook or on Twitter, use it to change the title or the thumbnails so people can see the data that they want to see on the website.

“Don’t over clutter color,” Alex Moss said when asked how to improve users’ experience on affiliate website.”I’ve been with lots of gaming website and some have 7 different colors. Make a consistent themes which is basic and not too dramatic.”

International audience

With different languages, getting a freelancer, a freelance-based directory to finds dialects, even in Spanish. There’s a load of dialects that you can get and making different pages that caters to those specific countries.

Social Media

Get a freelancer, if your are comfortable to them speaking in your behalf and then you can inter-access. You don’t need passwords and access but they can tweet in your behalf.

Importance of responding to user comment

Extremely important, you have to reply to everything even if it’s negative or positive. Reply to everything! It shows the sense of personality and connection to people.