WPT National Philippines: Nations Challenge Day 2 Recap

WPT National Philippines: Nations Challenge Day 2 Recap

Angelia Ong brings us to the final round of Solar Sports Nations Challenge at the Solaire Resort and Casino. Team Malaysia and Team Korea who meets up at the final round. Check out Day 1 here.

Solar Sports Nations Challenge debut at the WPT National Philippines.

It was an intense five level play for Team Malaysia and Team Korea who battled it out in the final round.

At the final chip count, Team Malaysia gets the best of their opponents and win the whole lot.

Daniel Chin: The team play is not easy because it consist of a team so it’s not the usual poker which is like solo play. You need some strategies of course and that’s why you utilize the time out.

Angelia Ong: As a team captain, what is your participation in making big win?

Daniel Chin: Actually we had a few strategies and it worked quite well. Jerry Lai became the MVP of the Solar Sports Nations Challenge. He finished 128K chips.

Angelia Ong: How does it feel to be the first ever MVP of this event?

Jerry Lai: Just feel great because everybody won not just for myself but calling me as the MVP is half teamwork so I’m going to share my title to the team mates.

The two-day event proved to be a success and creator Mike Kim sees a bright future for this new poker concept.

Mike Kim: Poker is an individual sports game and we finally gather nations representing their country. I think for TV and everything else, i think there’s going to be more success to this. The reason we are having this event is to see what kind of respond we get from each country and the response are tremendous. We are starting a company Creations Poker Cup, we’re gonna have like 40 or 50 people actually coming representing their country and if we gather like from each country representing like 10 that gotta be 400 people competing for their country and I think in the future we’re gonna have a big success.