Question of The Day – Next U.S. State to Regulate

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Becky Liggero talks to Matt Davey, Nicky Senyard, Mario Galea, Joe Maltese and JD Garner as they share their thoughts on what state in America do they think will be the next to regulate and why.

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Becky Liggero: What states in America do you think will be the next to regulate and why?

I’ve given up trying to double guess what the politics of the situation dictates. So I think that we’re getting California really close but also we have a very close to running a Pennsylvania marketplace, we think that it’s gonna be close as well. There are numbers of elections going on. It’s typically  don’t see gaming regulations foot forward during election. Next year is probably more interesting. —Matt Davey (NYX Gaming Group)

I think it’s a two-horse race. The present moment in time it’s Pennsylvania or California. I am not quite sure which one. I think there’s a lot of movement on both accounts. It’s too close to call. Nicky Senyard (Income Access)

I think the question is not what is going to be the next one, but when the actual implementation is going to happen. It’s clearly that the other state in the game from my experience in New Jersey are still in a regulatory perspective are still not ready for online gaming so even if we have to say that today, we have a legislation in California, it’s going to take this state years before we see an actual live gaming happening. So my guess is that we’re going to have a gap now before we see another state coming live. —Mario Galea (random Consulting

I believe Florida. There is an initiative that they’re voting on November 4th and I believe it’s gonna pass. Right now the poll shows I believe it’s 60-40. So I think Florida is the next state. And the tourism industry goes hand-in-hand and should be good for the economy. —Joe Maltese (Chetu Inc.)

I don’t know for sure but obviously but I think everybody wants California. I think Pennsylvania is gonna do sooner or later. Maybe Florida. No one really knows for sure. —JD Garner (Gamble ID)


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