Question of The Day – Best US Operator in Regulated Market

Question of The Day - Best US Operator in Regulated Market

Becky Liggero talks to Matt DaveyJD GarnerNicky Senyard and Mario Galea as they share their thoughts on which operator they think has done the best job in the regulated american market so far.

Becky Liggero: Which operator you think has done the best job in a regulated American market so far?

I think there are some certainly unique approaches. I love what Tropicana gaming has done. By exclusively focusing on casino, focusing on poker, they really optimized the marketing and plan management strategy. It demonstrate how to grow against the larger incumbents. Bwin relationship has been phenomenal as well. They’ve been able to out some strong Mackenheim to create some quality products and put half of the position to the market against a huge number barriers—a payment processing and geolocation. Matt Davey (NYX Gaming Group)

The WSOP is obviously got a great brand, they’ve got a great job. Ultimate poker center have done a pretty great job the word is actually out in the market. But the fell that it is really open to people setting themselves apart from what’s been available online for quite sometimes. We need more states to open up and more money will flow in the industry and more innovative solutions out there for players. —JD Garner (Gamble ID)

That’s really difficult because I think each of them has different advantage and guys that have land-based bases, their numbers can be impacted on more easily. The guys that have been building the brand got a difficult challenge and they’re doing really well with it. I see so much progress on individual brands in different way. So I think everybody is running their own ways which is pretty good and in doing so that they’re succeeding in their own strategy. I think what the situation is, the ecosystem in New Jersey and even in Nevada isn’t there from a digital perspective that’s creating a difficulty for everybody. You can’f do media buys, you can’t do affiliate deals not because they’re not legal but there is just no way to do them. So I think that’s the opportunity that we’re gonna find in the regulated market that will make a really big difference. —Nicky Senyard (Income Access)

I don’t think that there is a single operator. The whole strategy of the operators who came to the US is one to say, ‘Look, this is a market that’s going to happen. This is a place where we want to be. This is a place where we want to be. It’s not how big that market is right now but really it’s our testing ground to see what is required in this phase to be able to operate.’ So I think it was a good choice for all operators and again I hear a lot of negative remarks about how bad they are doing. One has to see the original business plan and see that they’re not doing so bad. From that plan, they’re conservative in their projections. When they came to this they knew exactly what they’re doing and I think they already hid those objectives. So I would say the ones that are here and have been successful are all doing great and the best one. —Mario Galea (Random Consulting)