Dhanesh Chainani is the Top Dog at the End of Day 1B

Dhanesh Chainani is the Top Dog at the End of Day 1B

Manila, Philippines, September 15, 2014 – Dhanesh Chainani from Singapore ruled Day 1B of the Main Event after amassing a total of 164,300 chips at the close of day. According to Chainani, he accumulated his chips by picking up as many small to mid-sized pots as he could, as well as having a bit of luck on his side…

Dhanesh Chainani is the Top Dog at the End of Day 1B “After the dinner break I had a couple of big hands where I got really lucky. I won with A-Q against Kings, A-Q against A-K, I had one nut flush where I got paid off. I also had a big hand towards the end where I had A-K and I flopped K-K-2. The guy against me tried to pull a move at the turn and I shoved him all in. He folded and I took a bunch of chips there. And just before it was over, I took more chips from that same guy. I had Kings and he tried to play back at me as well, so I got more after he folded.”

Chainani will be returning for Day 2 of the Main Event as a very close second to Day 1A leader Tan Tai Zheng who has 166,500 chips.

There were a total of 210 entries for Day 1B with 85 of them making the cut. Out of the 366 entries into the Main Event, 148 players will be returning for Day 2 to battle it out on the felt. We will be playing down to the money of 45 players.

For more information on who qualified and their chip counts, check out our Live Reporting section of the website.

Additionally, there will be a No Limit Hold’em 2 event at 3pm and a new event on the line-up, the Ante Only Turbo event at 7pm. For more information on our scheduled events click here.

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