Railing Sofia Lovgren With Luca Moschitta

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Railing Sofia Lovgren With Luca Moschitta Audio


Lee Davy talks to the Italian poker player Luca Moschitta as he rails his girlfriend, 888Poker Team Pro Sofia Lovgren at WPT Cyprus.

Railing Sofia Lovgren With Luca Moschitta

[Image Courtesy of WPT]


Luca Moschitta must be gutted that he is out of the WPT Cyprus Main Event. His very high hopes dashed in a cooler KK v AK when that naughty ace streaked across the board.

Fortunately, for Moschitta, he still has a significant investment in the tournament, with 30 players remaining. His girlfriend, friend, and grinding partner, Sofia Lovgren, is still in the event, and has turned up to show his support from the rail.

I decide to steal a few moments of his time.

So how is she doing?

“She’s playing very well. We played at the same table yesterday. It was funny and she tried to bust me as well. Eventually, I lost in a cooler KK v AK, with an ace on the flop. She’s playing great poker and feeling confident and that’s the best combination.”

What was it like playing at the same table?

“In my opinion, and for Sofia as well, it’s not so nice. We don’t like to play against each other, but you have to when you are playing tournament poker. It happens sometimes, although it’s not easy.”

Do you talk a lot about poker with each other?

“Yes we do, a lot, especially when we play together online. We will play hands and talk about them. We talk a lot about poker because it’s our job. We don’t share our game, but we talk about our strategy and try to develop it together.”

Do you manage to achieve the right balance?

“I spent a big part of my beginning playing a lot. I made four times in a row Supernova Elite online. That’s a lot of poker. Today I am playing less online poker, and more live poker, which is more relaxing. We are pretty balanced. We joined a gym last week, we go out with friends, and then on Sunday we always play poker.”

An Italian dating a Swede, are there any cultural issues?

“Not that much. We are both Europeans so Italians and Swedes are pretty similar. It’s very nice to meet new people in poker. I am in Cyprus and have never played against so many people from Lebanon and Middle East for example. It’s one of the great things about poker.”

His view on the WPT?

“I think this season the WPT have made some good decisions. I have seen the schedule for Cyprus and Nottingham and they look good. I think the TD Christian Scalzi is doing great work and I will play more events for sure.”

I believe you are an ambassador for a new online site?

“I am an ambassador for PlanetWin365. It’s mostly an Italian site, but it’s also a .eu site. They are doing great work, it’s new software and we are doing well.”

What do you get involved with outside of poker?

“I like sports. I play football and go to the gym. I live in Malta and I go out with my friends. I also love standard things like just lying down on the sofa and watching some TV. It may seem boring, but for a poker player who travels so much, it’s a chance to be normal. We don’t have a normal life, we travel a lot, so it’s good to stay with your feet on the floor. Don’t become like Dan Bilzerian. Keep cool and stay calm.”


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