WPT Cyprus: Sam Trickett on Bucket Lists, New Challenges and Much More

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WPT Cyprus: Sam Trickett on Bucket Lists, New Challenges and Much More Audio


Lee Davy sits down with Everest Poker Pro, Sam Trickett, to talk about bucket lists, future challenges, and I gauge his opinion on who he believes should win the best live cash game player at the British Poker Awards.

WPT Cyprus: Sam Trickett on Bucket Lists, New Challenges and Much MoreSam Trickett signing for Everest Poker is a good thing because it means we get to see more of him on the circuit. He is a draw, the main man, and the star attraction.

There were moments during Day 1B when his rail was packed with people all vying to watch him play; and boy does he play. He’s active, innovative and very quick at making decisions.

People don’t fear him, instead they have a healthy respect and above all, they love playing with him. This is what makes poker so beautiful. Anyone can sit down and mix it up with the stars and you may even pinch a pot or two.

I noticed on social media that Trickett had been jet packing and I asked him about his bucket list wishes.

“I was walking down the beach and I saw a few people using these jet packs so I walked over and asked if I could do it. At €90 it was expensive, but it was a good experience. I felt like Iron Man. I do a lot of snowboarding so I have the right balance.

“I also want to do a bungee jump. I like anything with high risk. I have sky dived but I haven’t bungee jumped yet. I’ll get around doing it. I have also swam with sharks in South Africa and that was scary. Especially, when they jab their nose at the cage.”

Trickett recently wrote on his blog that he was nearly hustled out of £50k in an arm wrestling competition. I ask him if anyone else has tried to hustle him since then?

“I’m quite a good arm wrestler myself but I nearly got done. It was a nice move by him but I would have been gutted to be hustled for £50k in arm wrestling. He nearly convinced me as well. People have left me alone since then. No more hustle attempts.”

Prior to the interview, I asked Trickett if he had read anything poker related that he had an informed opinion on. He told me that he rarely reads anything related to poker. I ask him why not?

“I do go on the High Stakes Database because I have a lot of friends playing high stakes and I like to see how they are getting on. Going onto forums just doesn’t interest me, and none of their opinions matter to me. My girlfriend got a lot of criticism on some of the forums and that put me off even more. Perhaps I should get involved a lot more because I love talking about the game. I guess I’m selective about who I talk to.”

Is Trickett going to take on a new challenge such as regularly playing high stakes online or mixed games?

“I love playing big pots. I love the high stakes. Making decisions under high pressure is what the game is about for me. It’s where I excel. The mixed games are often limit games and they seem such a grind. But it does increase your options to win a bracelet, and I do want to win a bracelet. I have a lot going on in my life right now. I am enjoying myself, so maybe in a few years time.”

As a member of the British Poker Awards panel, I was recently asked to vote for best live cash-game player. I ask Trickett whom his vote would go to?

“The best live cash game player is Andy Moseley. He’s a great player, doesn’t make many mistakes and sneaks under the radar. It would be him by a big margin as well.”


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