Interview with Scott Logan of BingoPort

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Becky Liggero talks to Scott Logan of BingoPort and he shares how the bingo affiliate industry landscape has changed over the past 10 years and how the point of consumption tax is going to impact the online bingo industry. He also gives advise on affiliates who want to succeed in the UK market in 2014.

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About BingoPort is one of the most popular Free Online Bingo Sites in the UK. Since 2007, Bingoport has been entertaining thousands of players with Free Bingo, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BingoPort is licensed to provide Free Bingo services online by the UK Gambling Commission.

How the bingo-affiliate industry landscape has changed over the past 10 years

“When we first started, I’ll just say ten years ago, it was all about search engine optimization. A lot of affiliates are coming in getting great rankings using Google strategies to get those rankings and we had a lot of group share at the back of that. And a lot of those affiliates disappeared and what’s happening now is a lot of CPA (cost-per-action) affiliates coming into the market doing a lot of PPC (pay per click), a lot of Facebook PPC and then there’s also the mobile side, there’s a lot of feeds coming just concentrating on mobile because that’s the new wide and everything’s going. Affiliates are changing habits. Their viewing traffic is changing.”

How the UK POC tax is going to affect the online-bingo industry

“We will have to deal with that as it comes out. There are some people who think that it is potentially a good thing. We are sort of looking at operators, and when they want to come and work for us, are they going to be here for a long term, Because it’s a risk for us to do deals if the operator won’t be here for a long term because of the point of consumption tax. If they’re not dedicated with their business and a decent brand. We are up for the long hold and we want them to be too. ”

Scott Logan’s advice for the affiliates who wants to succeed in 2014

“Innovate. Continue to innovate. Affiliates have been great at innovating. There’s a lot of opportunity we think in mobile and still some in social and tablet. Tablet is something that has not been looked at and I think there’s a lot of opportunity there still.”


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