SEO Tip of the Week: Google Docs SEO List

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90 Digital CEO Nick Garner talks about Google Docs SEO List in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

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I do a reasonable amount of onsite optimisation work and it’s really helpful to have a decent checklist. When hunting around a while back I came across a mega checklist on Google spreadsheets. The original document was written up by Annie Cushing. It covers around 360 points in these groupings:

SEO Tip of the Week: Google Docs SEO List

The reason it’s so useful is that by having the info on a spreadsheet you can check things off systematically and by having it on Google docs you can of course share the info with whoever you want in real time. I know that sounds obvious, but if you’re working with others, this makes a huge difference and keeps all the info centralised.

Here is an example of some of the listings on the sheet:

SEO Tip of the Week: Google Docs SEO List

Cached Version on Google if you just want a quick peek

Link is to the Google Docs spreadsheet is HERE


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