WSOP Main Event Day 6 Recap: Martin Jacobson With a Big Lead

WSOP Main Event Day 6 Recap: Martin Jacobson With a Big Lead

WSOP Main Event Day 6 recap sees a whole host of star names still in the hunt for the $10 million first prize, led by the Sexy Swede Martin Jacobson.

WSOP Main Event Day 6 Recap: Martin Jacobson With a Big LeadWhat’s so great about the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event?

The money?

Yeah…that’s not bad.

The prestige?

Yeah…that’s not too bad either.

What then?

It’s the one event that can turn the man who empties your trash into a multi-millionaire. It’s the tournament where Rocky wins. Wimbledon FC wins. Darvin Moon nearly wins.

But this year, it’s different.

Clubber Lang is winning, Liverpool FC are winning and Martin Jacobson is cleaning house.

It’s the year of the professional and it arrives right on point in the skill versus luck debate that still rages within the hallowed halls of legislation in the land of the red, white and blue.

The chip leader, at the end of Day 6, and by quite some margin, is the Swedish supreme, Martin Jacobson, who is widely recognized as one of the very best poker players on the planet never to win a major title. Perhaps, he has been saving himself for a tournament win worth $10 million?

Jacobson was the big chip leader at the end of Day 1A and he is the big chip leader at the end of Day 6. Proof personified that if you give a quality player a ton of chips, and a slow and steady structure, then his stack will grow like a beanstalk in the back garden of a kid called Jack.

Jacobson has 22,335,000 chips, and that’s 5.5 million more than Luis Velador, who lies in second place. Talking to PokerNews report Remko Rinkema, during the Day 6 dinner break, Jacobson admitted to feeling the pressure but said that he tries hard to block that from his mind so he can concentrate on his game.

Jacobson is not the only recognizable name left in the final 27, in fact there are tons of them: Dan Smith, Craig McCorkell, Andrey Zaichenko, Bryan Devonshire, Mark Newhouse, Leif Force, Yorane Kerignard and Brian Roberts just a sprinkling of stars all dying to make that final table of nine.

Players who were not so fortunate on Day 6 include the last female player Maria Ho (77th), Kyle Bowker (71st), Chanracy Khun (69th), Tony Ruberto (68th), Brian Hastings (64th), Stuart Rutter (59th), Vitaly Lunkin (57th), Isaac Baron (52nd), Ryan Fair (48th), Vladimir Bozinovic (46th), Matt Waxman (45th), David Tuthill (43rd) and Garrett Greer (32nd).

End of Day 6 Chip Counts

1st. Martin Jacobson – 22,335,000

2nd. Luis Velador – 16,600,000

3rd. Dan Sindelar – 16,345,000

4th. Andoni Larrabe – 15,280,000

5th. William Pappaconstantinou – 14,640,000

6th. Bruno Politano – 11,625,000

7th. Dan Smith – 10,335,000

8th. Craig McCorkell – 8,765,000

9th. Felix Stephenson – 7,740,000

10th. Andrey Zaichenko – 7,335,000

11th. Mark Newhouse – 6,820,000

12th. Thomas Sarra Jr – 6,510,000

13th. William Tonking – 5,870,000

14th. Bryan Devonshire – 5,765,000

15th Jorryt van Hoof – 5,395,000

16th. Eddy Sabat – 4,670,000

17th. Kyle Keranen – 4,465,000

18th. Leif Force – 4,035,000

19th. Christopher Greaves – 3,935,000

20th. Maximillian Senft – 3,920,000

21st. Oscar Kemps – 3,910,000

22nd. Iaron Lightbourne – 3,875,000

23rd. Sean Dempsey – 3,145,000

24th. Yorane Kerignard – 2,885,000

25th. Scott Mahin – 1,460,000

26th. Brian Roberts – 1,365,000

27th. Scott Palmer – 760,000