Ted Forrest: Talking About the Pre and Post Rio Eras

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Ted Forrest: Talking About the Pre and Post Rio Eras Audio

Lee Davy sits down with the six-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, Ted Forrest, to talk about his battle with Phil Hellmuth, his views on the pre and post Rio WSOP eras, and more.

Ted Forrest: Talking About the Pre and Post Rio ErasWhen Phil Ivey won his 10th World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet this week, tongues inevitably started wagging about the WSOP bracelet legacy battle between Ivey and Phil Hellmuth.

But what about the chasing pack?

Is there anybody perched on their shoulder that could make this a more interesting race?

Looking down the list and the names of Erik Seidel and Daniel Negreanu jump out at you in particular.

But what about Ted Forrest?

I caught up with the six time WSOP bracelet winner, to chew the fat and this is what he had to say.


Has this been a successful series for you?

“Anytime you win a bracelet you have had a successful series. I made another final table in the $1,500 Stud 8-or-Better and an 11th in the $10K Stud 8-or-Better so I would say it’s been fairly decent.”


You defeated your good friend, Phil Hellmuth, to win your Razz bracelet, what was that like?

“Man that was a really tough battle. We played for about seven hours heads-up. Going in he had a 2:1 lead on me. To be honest I wouldn’t have wanted to play anyone but Phil because he was the player who would really fight the hardest, because he really wanted the bracelet. I also wanted it and it was a great battle.”


I remember seeing you at EPT San Remo, are we going to see your talents in Europe more often?

“I love traveling, and so in the normal course of things you will see me at more EPTs yes”


Do you have any particular goals in poker?

“Not specific goals. I just enjoy the game. I like to win, sometimes tournaments and sometimes cash games, it depends.”


What are the differences between the Pre and Post Rio WSOP?

“They are two different animals. I like both eras in poker. In Binion’s the WSOP always had great cash games and throughout a lot of those years, I rarely played tournaments—just cash games. But in the Rio, the cash games are not as prevalent or juicy, as they were at Binion’s. They are spread out at the Aria, Bellagio and all different areas of the US and the world—even when the World Series is going on. So I miss the experience of having all the players in one area, with any game you wanted to play.”


People who have experienced a Binion’s WSOP often say the atmosphere was better back then; is this because of the presence of great cash game action?

“Cash games…when you play with the right people, who you only see for a month out of the year…it’s a very social thing—people get along. Now it’s bracelet hunting and everyone is focused on that as the goal. It’s still a great thing…just two different animals. It was great at Binion’s and it’s a great event at the Rio on a more enormous scale.”


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