Charles Cohen: Mobile Gambling Innovation

Charles Cohen: Mobile Gambling Innovation

Becky Liggero talks to Charles Cohen, CEO of Probability, as he talks about his newly released white paper, gamification of casino games, and gaming innovation for social gaming.

What Are the Main Points He Puts in His White Paper

Cohen co-founded his mobile-entertainment business Probability in 2003 and it is now a leading technology provider to the gambling industry in regulated market. As a part of their best practice approach to mobile entertainment gambling, they release white papers which is designed to provide insight into what’s trending in the industry, provide probability player insight, plus dispel some of the myths about real money mobile gaming, to help brands make the right decision when investing in the mobile channel.

“White Paper was based on research that we did in months; real-money gambling customers of our own in the UK. And it was really designed to try to get under the skin of why people did it, where they were when they did it, whether they would talk about it to other people—trying to answer some of the questions that’s our corporate customers were asking us. Because there were brands that are not in the gambling industry and looking to have a mobile-gambling service under their brands, which they can promote so they are worried about reputation and appeal. And the results were absolute fast-pacing,” he said.

How do Probability Go About in Gamification of Casino Games

He comes up with gamification of casino games because according to their research, they found that a lot of their customers play at the virtual currency casinos such as Double Down and Slotomania, whereas customers play the games without winning any money. But the customers love playing them because of the features, bonuses and points that they get.

“Well there’s a lot of these feature which we can build into a real money self-service. I don’t know why it’s never been done. But it turns out that in at least under the regulations that we are operating, quite a few features are doable.” Cohen added.

He also added that this is not to attract people to play real-money games in the U.S., quite yet, because it’s not legal in most places. But in countries where it is legal, he can see an opportunity to cross-sell from virtual currency to real money or the other way around.

What’s the Next Huge Social Gaming Innovation?

According to Cohen, what the social gaming is missing is the equivalent of live-dealer casino especially now that it’s doing incredibly in the online space. The quality of experience, the fun involved and real people playing real games would be a great additional.