New Hampshire House kills casino proposal again

new-hampshireProponents of legalizing a casino in New Hampshire probably aren’t satisfied with moral victories, but that’s all they they can claim after their latest opportunity to pass casino legislation was rejected by the state’s House, the third such rejection in the last three months.

This latest disheartening decision came after the House voted 192-172 not to reconsider last week’s vote to scrap a bill that would have legalized two casinos in the state.

Supporters sought the appeal after last week’s vote, which was rejected by the tiniest of margins, 173-172. The hope was that at least one of those who opposed the bill could be swayed to jump on the other side of the fence. But despite another round of pleading and prodding the margin of defeat increased, leaving casino supporters high and dry.

It remains unclear whether casino supporters are prepared to go back to the drawing board a fourth time. The House did vote 183-179 not to bar considering different casino measures before adjourning next month, offering a sliver of hope that another vote could be taken before June 5. But casino backers are probably better off waiting a few more years before bringing the issue back to the table.