Jamaica’s first casino set to begin construction, opening set for 2017

new-jersey-casinos-start-online-public-gamblingJamaica’s first licensed casino is set to begin construction in the next few months and the project, according to Robert Trotta, founder of Celebration Jamaica Development Limited that’s building the joint, is expected to take three years to complete.

Construction of Celebration Jamaica Hotel and Resort is set to begin as early as the summertime once the government gives the green light to it. Whenever it starts or however long it takes, Celebration Jamaica is already being touted as tourism game-changer for a country that already has enough reasons for tourists to come to it. It’s in the Caribbean, after all, so don’t get any ideas that we were insinuating something else. Or, well, you know…

“[The resort and casino] will play an extremely important role in developing the tourism base, increasing tourism to Jamaica and it will have a huge economic impact not only for the country of Jamaica, the employment in Montego Bay but also the investment capital to fund a project of this kind,” Trotta told the Jamaica Observer. “So it’s a win-win for everyone.”

All jokes aside, the resort and casino really is expected to be draw in a lot of tourists. Trotta says it’s going to have a brand new convention center, an entertainment complex, a casino hotel with 2,000 rooms, restaurants and bars. And Montego Bay, the location where the resort will rise, is just a few cartwheels away (10 minutes, in fact) from the airport so nobody should have any problems finding it.

For now, though, the objective for the company is to secure a temporary casino license during the construction phase to get a jump on on training prospective employees, which could reach as many as 4,000 full-time workers once the resort and casino is open for business.

The wheels are in motion for the construction of Celebration Jamaica Hotel and Resort. Let’s just hope that it lives up to all the hype once it opens in 2017.