One drunk gambler sues Downtown Grand, another defecates on Rivers Casino

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rivers-casino-drunk-gambler-defecatesA Canadian woman has lost her lawsuit against the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, who she claimed were responsible for her having lost over $330k at two BCLC-managed casinos. Ross originally sued BCLC back in 2010, arguing that the casinos had failed to stop her from gambling, even though Ross had enrolled in BCLC’s self-exclusion program for problem gamblers. Ross lost her original suit, but appealed to the BC Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, the Court ruled that the self-exclusion program wasn’t a binding legal contract and that BCLC staff couldn’t reasonably be expected to commit every single excluded person’s face to memory, thus BCLC wasn’t to blame for Ross’ actions. Ross hasn’t decided whether to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Down in Las Vegas, a gambler who lost $500k at the Downtown Grand is suing the casino for offering him credit and permitting him to gamble while intoxicated. California retiree Mark Johnston went on a tear in Vegas during this year’s Super Bowl weekend, drinking at the airport and during the ride to the hotel, but now claims not to remember anything of his trip after checking into his hotel, especially the part where he ran up a half-million dollar tab playing pai gow and blackjack.

Former car dealer Johnston is a Vegas regular who came to the Grand at the casino’s invitation. Johnston says the issue at the heart of his suit is responsibility, just not his, arguing that the casino “should have cut me off” when they noticed his blind drunk state. Johnston’s attorney Sean Lyttle told MyNews3 that the casino isn’t allowed to “issue half a million dollars in markers to someone who’s intoxicated.”

Johnston says the casino effectively “picked my pockets,” and in addition to being relieved of his obligation to pay his markers, Johnston is also seeking damages from the casino for sullying his good name. The Downtown Grand has countersued Johnston for welching on his debt, while the Nevada Gaming Control Board is investigating the brouhaha.

Whether or not the casino picked Johnston’s pockets, at least he kept his pants on. The same can’t be said for the Chicago man who soiled himself and a whole lot more at Rivers Casino over the weekend. Gustavo Zamudio-Coronel, 51, is facing charges of disorderly conduct after exacting a beer-goggled revenge on the casino for kicking his drunk ass out the door. Zamudio-Coronel was originally asked to leave the casino after a card dealer noticed the man had (literally) pissed his pants. Zamudio-Coronel refused to go, so security was called and Zamudio-Coronel was ultimately persuaded to go gently into that good night.

But instead of going home to sleep it off (and perhaps do laundry), the Journal reported that Zamudio-Coronel got as far as the exit, where he dropped trou and defecated on the casino’s glass door. Police declined to offer specifics on the mechanics of how Zamudio-Coronel managed this feat, i.e. did he expel his excrement with sufficient force to allow it to travel horizontally or was he sufficiently wasted to use his butt cheeks as a makeshift paintbrush. Regardless, Zamudio-Coronel has an April 4 date at the Skokie courthouse, which is wrapping its doors in plastic wrap in anticipation.


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