Borgata, Revel incur fines for casino violations

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Revel Announces 83 Job LossesAllowing underage drinking gambling in casinos usually leads to a fine being levied against a casino. Apparently, so is filming a marriage proposal without giving New Jersey’s gaming enforcement division a heads-up.

Borgata and Revel both found out the hard way what happens when you do those two things and while the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s transgression is a more conventional error, Revel’s fine was incurred because it failed to alert the gaming enforcement division that things would be happening inside its casino that could be deemed, say, unusual. Like filming a marriage proposal.

For that, Revel was slapped a $2,500 fine because it violated a rule that requires casinos to alert gaming regulators at least five days in advance of any photography on the casino floor, including the use of video cameras for marriage-proposal-making purposes.

Revel casino staff, at the request of a patron, assisted the proposal on the casino floor last March 16, 2013. Heck, the casino even broadcast audio and video of the proposal over video monitors in a gambling area, presumably so that the couple could have their moment in the spotlight. In addition, Revel’s fine also included its failure to alert authorities about a television show filming there 11 days later and another screwup that led to not letting authorities know about six cards tournaments and an event based on its “Taste of Revel” promotion.

Meanwhile, Borgata was fined a total of $26,500 for three violations, including a fine of $10,000 for allowing a 19-year old to gamble on its premises and a pair of $7,000 fines for allowing 19-year olds to drink alcoholic beverages in two separate occasions.

It hasn’t been a good start to 2014 for Borgata, but on the bright side, at least the casino can take comfort knowing that it’s in far better shape than Revel, right?




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