Weekly Poll – Which casino would be awarded the first license in Japan?

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Some of the biggest casino firms around the world have expressed their interest in putting up a casino in the land of the rising sun. Now that Japanese business leaders are backing up the casino bill, different companies are vying for the chance to be the first to break ground and put up a casino in Japan. With this in mind, we decided to ask our readers which casino would be awarded the first license in Japan?

Coming in first place is Sands Corp. with 24% of the votes. Sheldon Adelson did say mention that LVS plans to spend whatever it takes, to the tune of possibly $10b, to build a casino in Japan in the event the country finally passes legislation to legalize it.

Ending up with 21% of the votes is MGM Resorts. Trying to get ahead in the game, MGM matched what LVS is planning to spend by stating that it is ready to spend $5b to $10b to put up a casino in Japan.

Caesars Entertainment got 15%  while Wynn Resorts ended up with 12% of the votes.

Universal and Genting tied at 9%. Incidentally, officials met with Caesars and Genting last year and are scheduled to meet with MGM in a few months for a $4.8b casino plan.

Galaxy Entertainment received 6% of the votes. For the past few months, Galaxy Entertainment has been eyeing Taiwan and Japan for expansion plans and has considered a $5b budget for these plans.

Another tie were Melco Crown and SJM Holdings that got 3% of the votes.

And last is Bloomberry Resorts with 0%. Although the company has expressed their plans to bring the Solaire brand to Japan, it seems like our readers don’t think that Bloombery will be the first casino to be granted a license to operate in the country. Interesting.

The race is on for the first company to be issued a license to open a casino in Japan and the country is projected to be Asia’s second largest casino market should the legislation pass. For this week’s poll, we decided to ask our readers which Nevada Poker Room will lose more market share to South Point Poker. Check back next week to see what our readers have to say.