Mobile Marketing Strategies Casino Affiliates Can Actually Use

mobile-marketing-strategies-casino-affiliatesWill 2014 wind up being the year when casino affiliates really sink their teeth into mobile marketing strategies that boost up conversions in a big way?

Given the ease with which so many of these techniques can be implemented, there’s really no excuse to not be latching on to at least a few of them.

In a recent posting on, titled, Mobile Marketing: 15 Strategies That Pay Off, blogger Megan Van Vlack offers up a few tips for getting on the mobile marketing bandwagon in a hurry. Here are a few of her suggestions that casino affiliates can actually use.

Cross Channel Promotion

Different mobile channels offer up different conversion rates, but there’s reason why you can’t mix and match a bit. For example, Van Vlack offers up an example of an online retailer who is emailing end-users offers aimed at getting them to sign up for text-based newsletters.

QR Codes

According to Responsys, QR Code use was up a 22% over the last year. That’s pretty impressive for a technology that’s about as old as mobile marketing itself. Generating custom QR codes isn’t all that tough and it’s something that’s definitely worth a shot.

Let Your Customers Choose

No one likes getting woken up in the middle of the night by a casino bonus offer. To that end, Van Black suggests letting customers choose what time they want to receive offers from your sites.

Because opt-in strategies almost always offer better conversion rates, this one strategy you shouldn’t overlook.

Opt-Out Strategies

Though it sounds counter intuitive, making opting out of your offers easy can pay off big in the long run. Players appreciate sites that play on the up-and-up, so making the opt-out process as painless as possible is actually a brand building exercise.

Utilize Geolocation

Whether you’re targeting UK bingo players or Kenyan scratchcard fanatics, geolocation technologies allow you to focus on very specific niche groups. Given the geographic disparities amongst players in Europe alone, this is an excellent strategy for casino affiliates.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

None of the techniques Van Vlack describes, even the ones that don’t apply to casino affiliates, ultimately rely on knowing your audience.

Building a demographic profile of your user base is probably going to involve the use of premiums like e-books that can be bartered for bits of personal information.

It’s also a process that needs to be done in small doses. Not many web users want to be bothered with answering more than one or two questions before they check out completely, so be sure and take it slowly. (CAP) is the world’s largest online gaming affiliate marketing community, and is the Internet’s primary location for online gaming brands and affiliate marketers to come together and do business. In 2013, CAP launched the official CAP Network. Comprised of both well-known and up-and-coming prosperous iGaming affiliate programs, the network is focused on the success of its affiliates. If you wish to submit your own editorial please contact Bill Beatty.