888Poker in New Jersey Plagued by Disconnect Issues

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888Poker in New Jersey has not got off to the greatest start after a deluge of complaints over a lack of VIP rewards system and disconnect issues, and New Jersey politician, Tim Eustace, wants people to be rewarded for their efforts of skill.

The growth of 888 Poker is there for all to see, but they had better ensure they keep their new customers happy, because sometimes it’s a lot easier to fall from grace than it is to climb to the summit.

888-online-performance was one of the first online sites to open for business in New Jersey, thanks to their collaboration with Caesars Entertainment, but all is not going swimmingly according to the loud and persistent voice from their customer.

The first barrage of complaints seemed to emanate from the what’s in it for me brigade, as players hit the forums to protest over a lack of VIP program. With Full Tilt Poker (FTP) unveiling the winners of its Black Card sponsorship campaign, and PokerStars releasing news that 371 players shunned the world for long enough to reach Supernova Elite status in 2013, it seems a strange omission from the masterminds behind

The person who made the decision to launch an online poker site without a VIP structure can rest easy; as that gripe has fallen by the wayside to be replaced by a series of complaints aimed at the sites continual disconnect issue.

The problem has evolved into a thread on PocketFives called the ‘I’m sick of this disconnect crap.’

What a wonderful title that’s very to the point and succinct.

Other threads have also appeared on 2+2 and it seems the All American Poker Network and are both causing problems for the New Jersey wizards, with some players complaining of being disconnected four times during one tournament.

Allegations have also been made that players are able to take their laptops across state borders and still remain active. I bet a ton of players are congratulating that particular online nemesis for bringing it to the attention of the problem solvers at

Baking Cakes, Photography and a Game of Poker

New Jersey politician, Tim Eustace, is making headway with his legislation to over turn current laws that forbid New Jersey residents from participating in contests of skill where monetary gain exists.

The legislation was approved 78-0 by the Assembly, and Eustace now seeks the approval of the main man himself: Gov. Chris Christie.

In the bill (A-3624) Eustace wants to clear the muddied waters over what he calls ‘archaic laws’, by clearing up confusing points of interpretation, to allow New Jersey residents to participate in events of skill, where they can win money without being subjected to criminal liability.

“This addresses the reluctance of some contest sponsors to accept entries from New Jersey residents because of their belief doing so would violate New Jersey’s gambling laws,” Eustace told “As it stands now, New Jersey residents are barred from participating in anything even as simple as a baking or photography contest. The confusion on this point is apparently the result of a misinterpretation of New Jersey case law that addresses gambling, so let’s clear this up and bring some common sense.”

Under the bill Eustace has been clear that a ‘contest of skill’ refers to an event where the winners are selected from a group of entries, and the winner is decided by a judging panel.

It does not include any contest, game, pool, gaming scheme or gaming device in which the outcome contains any element of chance.


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