A Call for Unity in the Philippine Online Gambling Community

A Call for Unity in the Philippine Online Gambling CommunityRecently the Philippine online gambling industry has come under attack by some local media and members of the Philippine senate. The attacks have been unfair, misinformed and for the most part unanswered by the online gambling community.

We’re not talking about squabbles and beefs amongst certain operators and service providers in the industry over who gets how big a slice of the pie. We are seeing a misinformation campaign directed against the entire industry by a diverse group whose only commonality seems to be the desire to see the demise of our industry in Manila as we know it. Should these attacks continue, it won’t just mean bad news for any particular company; it has the potential to threaten the continued existence of the industry in the Philippines.

I can’t understate the importance of the gambling industry to the country. It provides well-paying jobs, skills training, tax revenues and charitable donations of time, money and effort – all of which are sorely needed to help the developing Filipino community help itself.

It’s time to create a unified voice to help promote the benefits the online gambling industry provides, both to local communities and to the country as a whole.

What I’m proposing is that members of the Philippine online gambling community organize a body that will speak with one voice to ensure the industry’s continued strength, viability and growth.

I envision a group representing the major players in the local industry, creating a unified front when dealing with issues affecting group members such as regulation, taxation and enforcement.

The group would lobby public officials to ensure they’re able to make informed decisions when placing votes on gambling-related legislation.

The group would act as an educator, providing facts and statistics on the industry’s benefits to local communities. Numerous studies in other jurisdictions have demonstrated that when a casino or online gambling entity puts down roots in a community it creates well paying jobs, reduces unemployment and lifts wages in the surrounding industries. This is doubly true when we are talking technology-heavy online gaming. It’s imperative that the communities in which we operate our businesses recognize the significance of these benefits, but if the industry doesn’t inform them, who will?

This unified group of gambling operators and service providers would serve members by:

1)   Providing information to help members communicate the gambling industry’s positive impact
2)   Protecting the industry’s interests in government
3)   Create mutually beneficial business opportunities through better communication between members
4)   Develop research on industry trends
5)   Work together on social responsibility issues such as the recent Typhoon relief efforts

And many many other benefits.

The idea is still at the conceptualization stage but organization between members of the Philippine online gambling industry will be vital for the industry’s acceptance and continued growth.

If you are an operator or service provider working in the Philippine online gambling industry who understands the need for unity and wants to participate in the founding of this new group, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.