WSOP 2013 Main Event Final Table: Michiel Brummelhuis bites the dust, finishes in 7th place

WSOP-main-event-third-largestMichiel Brummelhuis had just doubled up his chip stack and was now feeling good about his chances to win the WSOP 2013 Main Event.

But in poker, everything can change in one hand and Brummelhuis had to experience that first-hand.

Playing on Hand 55, Michiel Brummelhuis opened betting to 1.5 million from the small blind only to see Ryan Riess re-raise him from the big-blind. With everybody already folding their cars, Brummelhuis went for the jugular, shoving his entire 15.55 million chip stack in the middle of the table.

Riess quickly called Brummelhuis’ move and promptly showing he had the weapons of mass destruction in his hand (AsAh), dominating Brummelhuis’ 9d9c. The Ks7c4d flop turned up clean for Riess, followed by a 2d on the turn. Needing a nine to back-door Riess’ pocket rockets, Brummelhuis’ saw his tournament bid get flushed down the toilet when a 7h appeared on the river.

A momentary feeling of glory followed by a devastating fall off the cliff. That’s the story Brummelhuis will be talking about when he recounts his Final Table appearance. He still pockets $1,255,356 for his efforts, but something in him believes that it could’ve been more if he hadn’t run into those aces.

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