Albania looks to ban internationally licensed online gambling

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albaniaOnline gambling players in Albania better get the most of the remaining time it has to enjoy online gambling.

If the Albanian government has its way, then online gambling will cease to exist in one of the world’s poorest countries. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama made the announcement last week, when he said that the government is preparing legislation to block internationally licensed online gambling websites.

The reason for doing so? Rama wants to stop the outflow of money from the country, which already needs as much money as it can get.

It has been estimated by domestic and international analysts that Albanians spend roughly €500-700 million a year on internationally licensed online gambling, a staggering amount of money relative to the country’s stature as not all that well-of.

Ever since Rama took the mantle as Albania’s prime minister after his leftist Socialist Party-led coalition scored a convincing victory in the parliamentary elections last June, the man has been on a crusade to purge casinos and betting shops in the country, forcing their closure under threat of lawsuits for operating illegally or tax evasion.

Apparently, the man doesn’t like Albanians gambling their money on internationally-based online gambling sites because whatever they lose doesn’t even go to the government. And with his track record of campaigning against the existence of illegal casinos and betting shops in the country, don’t be surprised if he successfully passes legislation to take his fight into the online realm.

No timetable has been set on when legislation will pass, but given the government’s recent track record, not to mention its well publicized stance on keeping its own money in its borders, it’s not a question of ‘if’ the legislation will pass, but more so ‘when’ it will happen.


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