World Series of Poker Europe: Philipp Gruissem Leads the Final 13 Players in the €25.6k High Roller

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world-series-of-poker-europe-philipp-gruissem-leads-final-13World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) has reached the final day of action in the €25.6k Super High Roller and Philipp Gruissem leads a stacked field that includes Erik Seidel, Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu and Scott Seiver.

It’s the final day of the 7th Annual World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE), and there is a fabulous treat for fans of the Super High Roller as Philipp Gruissem leads a final table brimming with talent.

The prize pool stands at €1,920,000, nine people will be guaranteed a €50,400 pay out and the winner will receive a WSOP bracelet and €725,000.

One other title that is still up or grabs is the WSOP Player of the Year (POY) title, and Daniel Negreanu needs to finish 8th or better to pip Matthew Ashton to the post on that one.

Let’s check out the best of the action.

Level 7: Rettenmaier and Kitai Take Early Baths

World Poker Tour (WPT) Champions Marvin Rettenmaier and Davidi Kitai were the first two players eliminated from the contest.

Rettenmaier moved his short stack in against Erik Seidel: A5 v 55, and the aces turned recluse to eliminate the German. Then Daniel Negreanu looked down to see pocket kings and a willing participant for an all-in song and dance in Davidi Kitai and pocket fours. The kings held up and Kitai was out.

Stanley Choi and Daniel Alaei took advantage of the late registration to take the field up to 77 players

Levels 8 & 9: Watson and Duhamel Are Out

Ole Schemion eliminated Mike Watson when his pocket queens elbowed pocket jacks off the table, then Bryn Kenney flopped an ace in an all-in confrontation that saw him racing with Jonathan Duhamel ace-rag v 44.

Zachary Clark, Alain Bauer and Jeremy Ausmus entered the fray to take the final total of entries to 80.

Level 10: Negreanu Doubles and we Lose a Finger

Joni Jouhkimainen eliminated Fabian Quoss: 99 v AThh and Scott Seiver sent Martin Finger packing when the pair got it in on a 764 flop. It was pocket Jacks for Finger and 98cc for Seiver – a [Td] on the river handing the American the straight.

Then Daniel Negreanu won a huge flip against Antonio Esfandiari to double up. The money went in on a flop of [7h] [6c] [3h] with Esfandiari holding [9h] [8h] and Negreanu holding [5c] [4c]. It seemed more difficult for Esfandiari to miss than hit, but miss he did and Negreanu doubled up.

Level 11: Clark Kills Kenney

Zachary Clark eliminated Bryn Kenney:  KJ v A6, when a jack hit the river, and then Clark doubled through Vitaly Lunkin: QQ v A7.

Level 12: Peters Eliminates Dion

David Peters eliminated Yann Dion in your classic QQ v AK flip.

Level 13: Sion and Radoja Are Eliminated

Daniel Negreanu eliminated Elior Sion: 99 v K2dd, and Phil Laak did the same to Mark Radoja: 88 v A9, when an eight hit the turn to give Laak a set.

Level 14: Matt Ashton Out Leaving Negreanu Howling

Phil Ivey is Daniel Negreanu’s best friend after eliminated Matt Ashton. It was KJ for Ashton and 44 for Ivey. The WSOP POY leader hit a jack on the flop to take a temporary lead, but Ivey would nail a third four on the river to eliminate the lad from Liverpool.

“I got your back Daniel.” Said Ivey.

Chris Klodnicki was racing K9ss v 77 against Nicolas Villa Lobos and lost, and then a three way pile up of a hand saw Timothy Adams all-in holding pocket aces, Zach Clark holding pocket kings and Jason Mercier holding pocket queens. Even more amazingly, all three players hit sets leaving Adams with the triple up, Mercier wounded and Clark out on his backside.

Level 15: Mercier Takes Out Esfandiari

Jason Mercier started his comeback with the elimination of Antonio Esfandiari. It was KJ v K8 and just like that the magician had disappeared.

Level 16: Mizzi and Greenberg Exit Stage Left

The overnight chip leader Sorel Mizzi ran some kind of hand into the brick wall that was Philipp Gruissem’s pocket aces to be eliminated, and Byron Kaverman got lucky A9 v AQ to eliminate Lawrence Greenberg when he hit trips.

Level 17: Mercier, Helppi and Ivey Are Out

Jason Mercier was out in 16th place after the money went in on the turn on a board of [Qc] [Tc] [3c [6h] with Mercier the aggressor. It was AQ for Mercier and AA for Gruissem; the river bricked for Mercier and he was out.

The Nov Niner Marc McLaughlin took out Juha Helppi A8 v A6 and then we lost Phil Ivey in the final action of the day.

Ivey moving all-in on fellow IveyPoker pro David Peters on a board of [9s] [8c] [5c] [6c], and Peters obviously didn’t get the memo because he made the call. It was top set for Peters and eight-five off suit for Ivey for two pair. The river bricked, Ivey was out in 14th place and play ended for the day.

Final 13 Standings

Table 10

Seat 1: Erik Seidel – 610,000

 Seat 2: Nicolau Villa-Lobos – 527,000

Seat 3: Phil Laak – 144,000

Seat 4: David Peters – 538,000

 Seat 5: Byron Kaverman – 273,000

 Seat 6: Philipp Gruissem – 1,296,000

Table 11

Seat 1: Timothy Adams – 240,000

Seat 2: Marc McLaughlin – 304,000

Seat 3: Daniel Negreanu – 411,000

 Seat 4: Tom Bedell – 124,000

 Seat 5: Jason Koon – 702,000

Seat 6: Joni Joukmainen – 113,000

Seat 7: Scott Seiver – 770,000

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