World Series of Poker Europe: Jeremy Ausmus Wins Event #4: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha

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World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Event #4: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) has been won by the Ultimate Poker Team Pro Jeremy Ausmus, as he defeats Juha Helppi in heads-up action in Paris.

The Ultimate Poker pros continue to push their brand into the poker news with a victory in Event #4 coming fresh on the heels of a runner-up spot in Event #3. Jeremy Ausmus claiming the gold bracelet and €70,324 in prize money, after achieving a feat that fell short of the grasp of his teammate Dan O’Brien yesterday.

Let’s take a look at the most important moments.

Final Table Standings

Seat 1: Jason Mercier – 81,500

Seat 2: Jeremy Ausmus – 203,000

Seat 3: Jan Jachtmann – 149,000

Seat 4: Juha Helppi – 227,500

Seat 5: Michael Schwartz – 39,500

Seat 6: Martin Kozlov – 127,500

L15: Michael Schwartz Eliminated in 6th Place (€13,077)

It was no surprise that it was the shortest stack that was eliminated first at the final table. Michael Schwartz leaving the party after just seven hands.

Schwartz opened the cutoff and Jeremy Ausmus called in the big blind. The flop was [Th] [9s] [2s] and the pair got it in with Ausmus leading with top two pair [Ts] [9h] [4s] [3c], and Schwartz behind with [Ah] [As] [4d] [4h]. The turn [5h] handed Schwartz a few draws, but the [9d] gave Ausmus a boat and the chip lead.

L17: Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 5th Place (€17,210)

Juha Helppi opened the action to 12k, Martin Kozlov called one seat to his left and Jan-Peter Jachtmann made it a ménage a trois from the big blind. The flop was a very dry [Js] [4c] [3h], but it was attractive enough for both Kozlov and Helppi to get it in. Helppi holding [Ad] [Kh] [Qs] [Jd] for top pair and Kozlov holding [Ac] [8s] [7c] [5s] for a series of gutshot and backdoor draws. The turn and river bricked for the Australian and he became the second player to be eliminated from the contest.

L18: Jason Mercier Eliminated in 4th Place (€23,036)

Juha Helppi and Jason Mercier clashed in a three-bet pot with the American being the aggressor. The dealer spread [Qd] [2c] [2d] over the board and both players decided to stick a stake into the ground. Helppi holding [Kc] [Qc] [Td] [9d] for two pair, but Mercier was ahead holding [Ad] [Ah] [Jh] [8h] for a stronger two pair. The [Kd] on the turn changed that by handing Helppi the flush and the [Th] on the river bricked to send the talented Mercier out in fourth.

L20: Jan-Peter Jachtmann Eliminated in 3rd Place (€31,367)

Juha Helppi limped on the button, Jeremy Ausmus made the call in the small blind, Jan-Peter Jachtmann raised from the big blind and only the Fin found the call. The flop was [7d] [6s] [2h], Helppi set Jachtmann in and he made the call. It was [Qd] [Qh] [7h] [6h] for top two for the Fin, and [Ac] [Ad] [Th] [9h] for the over pair and gutshot for Jachtmann. The [3c] on the turn changed nothing and the neither did the [5d] on the river; Jachtmann was out and we were heads-up for the bracelet.

Heads Up Stacks

Juha Helppi: 570k v Jeremy Ausmus 258k

L20: Ausmus Turns a Flush to Double Up

Both players get it in with Ausmus at risk of elimination holding [Ks] [Kc] [6h] [3s] v [Ad] [Qh] [Th] [7d]. Helppi flopped an ace and was just two cards away from the title before Ausmus turned a flush to make a vital double up.

L21: Ausmus Doubles Again

Another Ausmus double up and once again he was in the lead when the chips went into the middle. The pair getting it in on a flop of [Jc] [3h] [2c] with Ausmus holding top set and Helppi chasing the nut flush draw. The clubs stayed in the bag and the two players were now neck-and-neck.

L22: Juha Helppi Eliminated in 2nd Place (€43,441)

Juha Helppi limped on the button and Jeremy Ausmus checked his option. The flop was [Ts] [Th] [4h] and Ausmus led for 38k, Helppi pumped it up to 80k, Ausmus raised to 140k, Helppi potted it to move all-in and Ausmus called.

Ausmus: [Ah] [Qh] [Td] [8h]

Helppi: [As] [Tc] [7h] [2d]

Both players had trips with an ace kicker, so the pair had to play a waiting game to see who would get lucky with the turn of two more cards. The dealer burned and turned the [8c] and it was Ausmus who got that good fortune making a boat. The [3d] finished the action and Ausmus was the new champion.

Final Table Results

1st – Jeremy Ausmus – €70,324

2nd – Juha Helppi – €43,441

3rd – Jan-Peter Jachtmann – €31,367

4th – Jason Mercier – €23,036

5th – Martin Kozlov – €17,210

6th – Michael Schwartz – €13,077


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