GamingInHolland Conference, in association with iGaming SUPER Show

GamingInHolland Conference, in association with iGaming SUPER Show

Its exciting times in the Netherlands for the online gambling industry. The draft legislation has just been released to industry stakeholders with a consultation period until 21 July, with a planned online gambling market opening in 2015. Not only is it exciting times for the market, its also a great time for the Gaming in Holland Conference, a gathering of professionals who want to do business in the regulated Dutch market.

GamingInHolland Conference, in association with iGaming SUPER Show

Now in its second year, the Gaming in Holland Conference takes place June 10 – 11 and has partnered with the simultaneously running iGaming SUPER Show to bring attendees more value. Gaming in Holland is produced by local online gambling professionals with love and promises to educate attendees on this niche but profitable market.

Conference organizer (and Dutchman) Willam van Oort sat down with media partner to provide more information on what his event has to offer, how it has expanded for this year and who will benefit most from attending.

Becky Liggero: Thank you for joining me Willam. Lets start with why Holland is an important market for the online gambling industry to get involved in?

Willam van Oort: Holland is a small but profitable eGaming market with a strong ecommerce and willingness to pay online as well. Depending on the tax rate that the draft legislation will include, Dutch GGR for online could be up to 400 million Euros.

BL: Why is Gaming in Holland a must attend event for anyone interested in working in the Dutch market?

WvO: Now in its second year, this conference brings together all local and international decison makers about the Dutch eGaming market. From Dutch regulators, software and platform providers, legal and tax specialists and responsible gaming experts – this is the place to meet. In order to enhance the networking opportunities, we have now included an Official Dinner on June 10, sponsored by the City of Amsterdam / IAMSTERDAM.

BL: Sounds great- I want to attend, but I don’t speak Dutch! [laughs]

WvO: Actually, since the eGaming business is a global business, and most Dutch are quite comfortable with English, we have decided this year to have the whole conference in English.

BL: That’s fantastic news. I’ll be there. I also know the iGaming SUPER Show is taking place the same week as your event, how are you working with the SUPER Show organizers?

WvO: The iGaming SUPER Show is a phenomenal trade show, and when we found out they were coming to Amsterdam we teamed up with them. Since our target audiences have strong overlaps, people could save time and money by travelling to Amsterdam and be at both events. Besides, iGaming Business is the key media sponsor of the event, together with as well as local business magazines like SponsorTribune and MarketingTribune.

BL: Sounds like its going to be a great week in Amsterdam. Seeing as you’re an expert on what the city has to offer, where can we find tips on how to spend free time during the conference?

WvO: Amsterdam is a great city. My favorite is to take a stroll along the canals at night and let yourself be surprised. If not, Gaming in Holland have provided extensive information about restaurants and nightlife that can be read on the iGaming SUPER Show site.

BL: Willam, thank you so much for the info and we look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!