Google Glass not welcome In Casinos, Strip Clubs

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google-glass-casino-floorLast June, this site wondered whether the potential to equip Google Glass with facial analytic software would enable poker players to gain a technological edge in determining whether or not you’re bluffing, leading casinos to ban the futuristic technology from their live poker rooms. Turns out casinos are already considering banning the headgear, but their concern is less about the still embryonic Google Glass’ future tech options than the ones it already offers.

An MGM Resorts’ spokesperson told NBC News that patrons would be asked to check their Google Glass at the door because of the technology’s built-in camera. The use of photo- and video-taking devices has long been verboten on casino floors, in part to protect the privacy of other gamblers who may not wish to have their presence inside a casino recorded for posterity, but also because of the possibility of cheaters using the tech to acquire an edge over the casino. According to the MGM spox, Google Glass is “nothing new in terms of a challenge for us, because for so many years, the very tiniest of portable lipstick and pinpoint cameras have been around.”

Other places of business unlikely to roll out the Google Glass welcome mat include movie theaters (over piracy concerns) and strip clubs, where patrons rich enough to afford Google Glass’ current $1,500 price-tag but too cheap to buy their own porn might record images of dancers. Peter Feinstein, manager of Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas said Google Glass wouldn’t be treated any differently than any other recording device, i.e. leave it at the door.

Former New Jersey cop turned private investigator Drew Donofrio worries about Google Glass’ use in “locker rooms, bathrooms, playgrounds… all [Glass] requires is line of sight. You can look innocent enough … when you’re not holding up a camcorder.” Of course, most new technologies are viewed with great suspicion until society adapts to their presence. Frankly, we think the below video is a far more likely scenario to result from Glass going mainstream.


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