Boeree and MacPhee in Acrimonius Split; WSOP Bring Back the Caesars Cup

boeree-macphee-acrimonius-split-wsop-bring-back-caesars-cupPokers very own Posh n Becks have called time on their two-year romance and one can only hope that they never made a home made porno movie.

Former European Poker Tour (EPT) Champions Kevin MacPhee and Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree have decided to end their relationship in the worse way possible, after a clearly upset MacPhee decided to vent his frustration in public, through a barrage of angry tweets.

“So…@liv_boeree leaves for the Ireland for St.Paddy’s for the weekend & comes back and breaks up with me.” @KevinMacPhee

“People that lie just never stop lying, people that cheat never stop cheating. People don’t change” @KevinMacPhee

Those were just two of the tweets that MacPhee sent to his followers on an account that has since been cancelled. Interestingly, MacPhee’s latest twitter account called ‘first last’ carries the byline:

Former professional poker player that rants about stuff you don’t care to hear about.’

MacPhee’s reference to ‘cheating’ regards his allegations that Boeree cheating on him with Galen Hall during this Summers World Series of Poker (WSOP). A series where the couple spent their time living in different housing set ups.

“She tore my heart out and then for some reason I got back together w/this manipulator only to have her do it again #heartless” @KevinMacPhee

This time the speculation centers on a photograph that was shot whilst Boeree was in Dublin celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The photo was of two fairly short looking Irish fellows, Jason Duval, the Polish rap star Wojciech Lozowski and Boeree. We’ll let you decide whom MacPhee may be referring to when he states ‘only to have her do it again.’

The pair recently shot a pilot episode of a reality TV show (that bared no resemblance of reality) called I Bet My Life – Monaco, where a camera crew followed the celebrity couple as they wined and dined their way through the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. The pilot was for the Travel Channel and I guess that’s the end of that idea.

Despite the Twitter account being deleted, MacPhee has gone public with more revelations on 2+2.

“The TV show I did with Liv was “I Bet My Life” a travel presenting show on the Travel Channel that we had to sign an exclusivity clause to produce. Immediately after we finished shooting in MC/Aruba we went to Vegas for the WSOP. She moved into Vanessa Rousso’s house in Vegas w/ Selbst & Maria Ho so she could shoot another TV show about women in poker… this time a reality show. Somehow she managed to circumvent the exclusivity clause under the pretense that the girl’s show was vital to her preexisting Poker Stars deal. Not long after moving into the house she broke up with me after cheating on me with Galen Hall. ALL of this was documented in the girls reality TV show which has not been aired yet.’

MacPhee has since tried to sell his WSOP-APAC package that he won on Add that to the byline containing the words ‘former professional poker player’ and you can attest that MacPhee is taking the split in the worst way possible.

Boeree has remained steadfast in her silence over the affair.

Caesars Cup Returns to the WSOP format

So it looks like Kevin MacPhee won’t be featuring in WSOP-APAC but Joe Hachem, Phil Ivey and Sam Trickett most definitely will be.

The inaugural Asia-Pacific event is just two weeks away, and the WSOP head honchos have unveiled the return of the Caesars Cup. A format that has been rolled out – to mixed reviews – in two previous WSOPE events.

Phil Ivey will captain Team Americas, Joe Hachem will captain Team Asia-Pacific and Sam Trickett will captain Team Europe. For the first time ever there will be a semi-final match up between Asia-Pacific and Europe for the right to face the defending champions Team Americas, in the final.

The event will take place on Sunday, April 14 at 12.00 noon.