Koolbit’s real-money mobile casino goes live in the UK

igoslots-homepageVirtual currency mobile casino network operator Koolbit is set to embark on a new business venture with the launch of iGoSlots.com in the UK, a real-money mobile casino that it has set-up in collaboration with its new business partner, gaming solutions developer Cozy Games Management Limited.

The San Francisco-based company is determined to branch out into the world of real-money gambling and has become a pioneer of sorts as one of the first virtual currency game companies to do so. The launch of iGoSlots.com allows Koolbit to offer as much as 25 game titles from Cozy Games on a mobile platform, thus taking full advantage of mobile gaming’s burgeoning popularity.

Gerard Cunningham, the CEO of Koolbit and the former president of Betfair USA, remarked on the progress the company has made since it first began operations in 2011 primarily as a virtual currency operator. “With the launch of iGoSlots.com, Koolbit is one of the first virtual currency game companies to make the leap into real-money gaming and is doing so with a unique mobile-first site with more content than any other mobile casino in the world,” he said.

“Having led Betfair’s entry into the American market where rules are tight and having led a virtual currency game company as well, it is exciting to now be moving back into real-money gaming. I believe this will be a great partnership with Cozy Games. We are also looking for additional partners to maintain a leadership position as we scale and grow the business.”

For their part, Cozy Games seem to have found a suitable partner that can also help it bolster its profile in the industry. Tim Green, Chief Operating Officer for Cozy Games, said as much when talking about the collaboration with Koolbit. “We were really impressed with the drive and enthusiasm shown by Koolbit,” he said.  “It is ahead of the pack on building out virtual currency and real-money casino networks and we proud to be a partner.”

Of the 25 titles from Cozy Games that will be offered on iGoSlots.com, a host of them include slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, bingo, and even scratch cards. In addition, getting a chance to play the games shouldn’t be a problem for players because iGoSlots.com can be accessed using a plethora of smartphones and mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android-powered phones and similar tablets.