The lost art of conversation: the 7 best phrases for Zoom calls

In the virtual world of Zoom meetings and working from home, how you manage your virtual interactions has never been more important. In the digital world, the conversation has proven to be a lost art and while you may be connecting with your colleagues in the virtual world, it’s important to remember a few key phrases that will help you stay likeable online.


The most important phrase in any office situation is no. While we may all be eager to please in the digital age, mastering the ability to gracefully refuse a request is a fine art. Knowing your limits and having the ability to clearly communicate what your they are will win you more friends than enemies in the long run. So many people will be eager to overpromise and under-deliver, it’s important to fall on the ledger of under-promising and over-delivering. Saying no shows a relaxed individual who’s confident in their abilities in any professional situation.

Please/Thank you

The basics are so under-rated and people value the simple things in life. Please and thank you and the simple acknowledgements are something that is cherished. Remember respect is earned, it’s never given.

What do you think?

People have a basic desire to be valued in any professional situation. When an employee is ignored, they won’t hand around for long. Everyone makes the coffee, and people want to know they’re valued and their opinion carries a little weight. If you can show that you value the opinions of your colleagues then you’ll earn some serious office street cred.

This is what we are dealing with

Show a willingness to share information, as people in some companies will use information as a weapon. Trying to find out the state of the nation can be a frustrating process and the last thing you want to do is add fuel to the fire. Stick to the facts of any situation and avoid the gossip.

You were right

There’s no one who doesn’t like hearing that they were right. Acknowledging any type of small wins is a sure-fire way to break down any negotiation barriers that you may have in the office. Make a point to celebrate the team on any call.

Can you elaborate on that?

Most people love to talk about themselves, their usually an expert on the subject. Show people that you are willing to listen and celebrate their viewpoints – you may even hold similar ideas. It’s the perfect way to build a positive impression.

How can I help?

As much as we celebrate the individuals, great companies are a team sport. It’s important to foster that culture as much as possible; even when you are working from home. Throwing out support to anyone in the team, especially when you don’t have to is always greatly received. If you have a skill or talent that can add value to another project, you’ll always be warmly received.