The New

Welcome to the new Until this moment, “you only knew one side.” Now it’s time to learn the other; the Calvin Ayre After Party. began three years ago as a personal blog, but Calvin saw a need for a news site that wasn’t bought and paid for by the public gaming companies so he expanded his blog into the site you’ve come to depend on for all your gambling industry news.

Over time, our site outgrew our cool little blog design, but rather than merely giving the old site a new coat of paint, we subdivided the joint into two distinctly different sites.

We’ve redesigned to make it easier to read, easier to find the content you’re looking for and focused on delivering the best gambling news, industry shaping opinions, guest posts from influential industry professionals as well as Calvin Ayre himself. will continue to deliver Gambling News with an Edge.

The Calvin Ayre After Party will be home to the Drinkin’, Gamblin’ and Carryin’ On lifestyle content our readers have come to expect from Ayre Heads, the weekly adventures of Cole Turner, original web programming such as Off the Board, and two new shows yet to be launched dedicated to Drinkin’ and Carryin’ On.

The After Party will be home to a couple of new columns from two of your favorite columnists. Jason Kirk’s new column “The Red Wire” will look at internet freedoms — or the increasing lack thereof — from around the web. Vince Martin will rant weekly via his “People is Stupid” column, in which everything from the Super Bowl to Santa Claus is a potential target.

Here’s what Calvin Ayre had to say about the After Party, “Essentially, the new site is the bar and night club with the original site being where the business gets done before the party begins. After getting up to speed with all the news, gambling industry execs can then head over to the After Party for some well-earned down time.”

We trust you will enjoy the changes. If you have any comments on the new design, please use the Contact Us page to send us your thoughts (no matter how profane).