Dwan-Blom 2: Three Years In The Making

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tom dwan viktor blom full tilt professionalsOk, we made that title up. But in the spirit of Pacquiao-Marquez 4, we’re in a very, shall we say, pugilistic mood.

Which is to say that when word broke out – via Twitter, no less – that Viktor “Isildur1” Blom decided to challenge Tom “durrr” Dwan in another high-stakes NLHE throw down similar to their now legendary 2009 slugfest (it wasn’t really a slugfest as Blom completely wiped Dwan out), we couldn’t resist correlating it to the fourth installment of what has now become a Pacquiao-Marquez quadrilogy.

Instead of the squared circle though, the two members of FTP’s “The Professionals” will duke it out in a different sort of arena: online at Full Tilt Poker.

The match-up was set at the behest of the 22-year old Swede after he recently took to Twitter to throw the gauntlet at the feet of his 26-year old rival through a series of tweets with the first one saying:

“I see you @TomDwan playing a lot of 2-7 and other games on @FullTiltPoker. What about NLHE? I know I want to play with you :)”

Dwan didn’t issue a public response to Isildur’s challenge, but apparently, back channels began working to set-up the match, prompting Blom to tweet a few hours ago that the match has been officially set.

“the poker gods and @FullTiltPoker have answered my tweets,” Isildur wrote, before adding, “@TomDwan has accepted my challenge and wants to play this Sunday :)”

Yep. Sunday. December 9 at 3 pm Eastern. It’s going to be Dwan-Blom 2. While the stakes aren’t going to be as mind-blowing as their first encounter when the Swede made away with $5 million from Dwan, it certainly won’t be no less interesting. After all, if we were Dwan and somebody wiped us clean that way, we’d be chomping all our nails, toes included, at the opportunity to exact some revenge. As it stands, the two will each put up $100,000 across four heads-up NLHE tables and begin their head-to-head showdown until one of them is completely bled dry.

We’re suckers for competition at the highest level, regardless if its boxing, poker, or even races to the dining table while trying to balance a plate on your nose, so this heads-up showdown between two of the premier poker players in the world is something that we’re keeping an eye on.

At the very least, it’s going to make for an interesting undercard leading up to Pacquiao-Marquez 4.


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